Auralic Altair reviewed by Computeraudiophile

We have another great review out this week. Check the ALTAIR review on

"Simplicity, sound quality, and innovation. These are reasons why one buys into the flexible AURALiC ecosystem. The ALTAIR wireless streaming DAC simplifies a music aficionados life by integrating the ARIES streamer functionality and the VEGA DAC type performance into a single package, and integrating multiple sources of musical content through Lightning DS. "

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Can’t wait to see the G2 review

is the Altair headphone section a good match for top headphones or just an added convenience?

Not really, it just has OPAMP based driving circuit, if you have top headphone, you should use a separate headphone amplifier.

Like maybe the Taurus MkII?

Check Violectric V280, V281 or Niimbus us4