Auralic Altair G1 'Best Buy' Review by Haute-Fidélité, France

Auralic Altair G1 ’ Best Buy’ review in leading French specialist audio magazine Haute-Fidélité

’ Auralic knows how to adapt quickly. The Altair G1 is a shining example & moves the established landscape a little. It responds perfectly to the request for an affordable control unit connected digitally to the network. In addition, its musicality is obvious, melodious and transparent and fears no one at his budget, making it a remarkable success, ideally positioned in the range. The units transformation into a server for a reasonable sum strengthens even more its appeal ’

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Anyone here with an analogue network?

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Digital network on a analog transport :grinning:

Altair is a very nice product.

Congrats Auralic !

The correct tranlation in english of the french text should be : It responds perfectly to the request for an affordable digital control unit connected to the network.

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