"Audio Ramblings - The AURALiC Aries G2 Streaming Transporter" - Reviewed by Dave Clark, Positive Feedback



Latest ARIES G2 review by Dave and he actually very much enjoyed the unit:

" ​…​Music through the Aries G2 is a real treat. Listening to UNKLE’s The Road, Part 1… hell yeah. Low volumes… it is all there. Just as engaging when I turn it up… and up… and up. The music fills the room, the music rocks… one is swept away and totally lost. Slam and dynamics are there in a way that seems just right. Not over the top… not confused or lost in the mire of getting your music out into the room that allows one to hear it all. Ours tends to be dense and filled with stuff… but the Aries G2 keeps it all together while at the same time separating it all in to something that is a beautiful yet cohesive soundscape…"