Audible difference between Auralic Aries G2 and SONOS controller

I plan on upgrading my Sonos controller to the Aries G2, should I expect an audible improvement over my current sound. I stream Tidal.

All components are hard wired, will not be using wifi.

I have been tinkering with the following system, it grew out of my first system.
Other components are Raidho speakers, Mcintosh mono amps, Audio Research pre amp, Auralic Vega dac, and Ansuz cables (Ceramic, Diamond, D-TC). Undecided at this time about upgrading the Vega to the latest model.


YES!!! The Sonos system is a toy compared to the Aries G2. Keep the Sonos if you want Sirius/XM integration and plug it into your DAC via the Toslink or Coax digital connector.

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I am not sure who ever gave you advise to add a Sonos controller but given your Raido/McIntosh/AR equipment this is completely unbalanced.
Sonos makes life style products for people who compromise audio quality over convenience and fashion.
So the answer is yes of course your audio equipment is very able to let you hear the difference between a Sonos and a Aries G2.
DAC technology have been undergoing major steps forward in the last 5 years. A new Vega 2 will also be very recommendable


Hello. Thanks for your reply, it’s very helpful.

The Sonos controller and Vega dac are from my secondary system (Martin Logan speakers, Rogers tube amp & transparent cables). A dealers choice of components.

My new system is collection of components assembled without the help of a dealer. My upgrades are gradual and now its time to change the controller.

Roon is able to use Sonos as an end point. They can not however group with any other end points