Artwork does not show timely

I have noticed that when I play large files i.e. DSD256 or DSD512 the artwork in both the Aries G2 display and the iPad 2018 LDS, The artwork does not load in time. So the Aries G2 shows an empty cover and can not load the artwork before the Aries goes black again.
In LDS on my iPad it is only displaying the artwork when I go back to the playlist and press on the smaller artwork picture OR when I wait for the second track.

I assume that it is because the music file is loading before the artwork…
I would appreciate when you look at this small matter

Mister @Xuanqian prefers you listen to music instead of watching the display…

Thank you Ronald. Next time I need support I will write it immediately to @ronaldwanders to hear how Mr Xuanqian thinks about a matter…
I guess you never encountered this problem listening to mp3 files :grin:

Did you check Metadata ? are they all the same ?
Do you have artworks saved as “folder.jpg” ?
Are they also embedded in Metadata ?

Do you use Lightning Server in the Aries or a third party UPnP such as Minim on a NAS?

yes, yes, yes, no never

in Aries

@jrav Goodmorning Jerome, here’s an update for ya…

Sleep well…

Good morning Ronald…
Thnxs for the update :sunglasses:
Looks like a nice configuration!

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I think the artwork loading speed is much depends on how bit the picture file is (even it is embedded inside the file). If the cover art is huge then it will take a very very long time to show up.

Hello Xuanqian,
I have done a speedtest on my Ipad 2018 (see picture} My entire network is on 5G
I also refreshed the cache on my iPad and rescanned my library (LDS) on the Aries G2.
I have no embedded artwork in my music files. I do not think it is only the size of the artwork file. For example; I have a DSF256 file of 2.374.897 kB.loading with a artwork file of 265 kB. In this case the artwork is too late to show in the first track both on my iPad and the Aries G2 display.
And indeed, when I play a music file, independent of the format (FLAC or DSF), from a smaller size, but with an artwork cover of more than 1,5 mB, I have the same problem.

Any thoughts?

Can you share the file through dropbox to my privately? I want to take a look at it and see why it takes long to load up.