ARIES streamer in a Linn system

I recently attended a hi fi demonstration at an Auralic dealer and loved the ARIES streamer and control point.
I was wondering if this streamer could be used in a Linn exakt system connected to an Akurate Exakt Dsm ? Would the Aries sound better and can I keep the functionality of the Linn system especially Space Optimisation .?

The Exakt system I own has two Akurate Exakt boxes at Katalyst level,

You could only really use it via SPDIF to connect to the Linn DSM. I believe that the maximum you will get from that would be 24/192…
I have a Majik DSM myself & actually ended up buying a DAC that had a USB input to get the most out of the Auralic’s higher sampling rates.
As for it sounding better than just using your DSM I honestly don’t know.
Kazoo seems to work fine though with the Auralic stuff, again though as far as I’m aware Kazoo only does 24/192 as everything I could see was tagged CD Flac not HD.
Hope at least some of this helped you :wink:

Thanks for the reply, I was just curious. The dealer said he would take one to me on home dem as he would be interested to see if the Auralic streamer was any better than the streaming dac in the dsm.


From using a Linn DSM for yrs myself I can answer that question easily.
The Auralic is a way better Streamer than the DSM’s inbuilt Streamer is.
I just can’t see any benefit though to yourself as you plan to use it on your Linn DSM, which obviously will use the DSM’s inbuilt DAC & as far as I know the DSM’s only do 24 bit / 192 kHz Max.
The Auralic’s fully capable of doing 32 bit/ 384 kHz (maybe even 728 kHz) so…
This is the reason I sold my DSM to be honest as I wanted more than 24/192 :wink: & the Auralic’s do do that.

I thought that when the auralic is connected that by choosing the input its connected to that it will by pass the streamer dac in the DSM…

I have been told by the dealer that lightning DS will not control the volume and that I will have to use Kazoo, I wonder if Lumin control point works with the Auralic?

I might be able to hear the G1 and G2 next week.


I could be wrong but as far as I’m aware Linn DSM’s will only allow pass through audio on HDMI inputs, I’m pretty sure that if your hooking anything into it via Coaxial or Toslink it’ll go through the DSM’s DAC… As for the Lumin thing I’m sorry I have no experience with that at all I’m afraid.

I don’t know if you are still needing to hear any replies, but I recently took delivery of an Aries G2 to use with my Linn Akubarik Katalyst Exakt system. After a week of using a demo G2 from my local dealer I was so impressed with the sound quality and particularly the musicality of the reproduction of my music (from an Innuos Zen Mk 2 server) that I ordered one. To my ears the internal streamer of the Akurate DSM does not compare in this regard. I am enjoying my music significantly more.

Due - I think - to the imposed limits set by the AEDSM on digital inputs (SPDIF in my case) I have had to set the G2 to downsample any FLAC files above 96kHz but this does not seem to my ears to impair the sound.

Hope that helps if you are still in search of information on the subject.

I used to run my Aries Femto Streamer to my Linn DSM (Majik DSM/2) using the SPDiF Coaxial connection & it supported 24 bit 192 kHz Flacs no problems. As far as I’m aware the Linn DS & DSM’s be it a Majik, an Akurate or a Klimax model they all should be capable of running at 24/192 via the Coaxial SPDIF input. Linn DS/ DSM’s have had the Max 24/192 for years now.
I’d setup your Auralic to Stream to your DSM using Coaxial at 24/ 192 rather than just 96… The digital Toslink might be limited to just 96 however on a DSM but I never really used Toslink for my Music, only TV out usage so I didn’t really care about the best greatest sound in that regard :wink:
I’m unsure of Linn’s very latest just released Streaming products DAC’s maximum bit & KHz rates are though as I haven’t checked out their specs fully.
However It’s actually the main reason I got rid of my own Linn DSM since I hooked up my Aries Streamer to a more recent DAC via USB to fully utilise the higher 32/ 384 capabilities of the Aries :wink: & to my ears the Aries to the new DAC using USB well out performed the DSM’s streaming capabilities & my new DAC out performed the DSM’s inbuilt DAC too so it was time to sell my DSM on to someone who would get better use out of it than me :wink:

I set my Aries G2 to downsample my 24/192 and 24/176 files for the simple reason that before doing this Lightning DS would indicate to me that these files were playing, but my Linn system remained silent until I downsampled them. The G2’s “output Channel” is set to “Digital Outputs” - and indeed offers me no other option - so I conclude that that is probably how it must remain.

It would be nice if the full digital information in the files could be processed, even if I can only wonder if I would be able actually to hear any significant difference… That said, any help would be appreciated to obviate what appears to be the need to downsample.

Thanks again for the response.

The only thing I can think of is trying the Linn Konfig App on your PC/ Mac & set the sample rate to the Max it allows… I honestly can’t remember if it says 192 or 176 reported as it’s Maximum sample rate. I had that selected to treat everything incoming to the Max the DSM could handle & it honestly played 24/ 192 Flacs from my Aries Femto Streamer via USB/ AES & Coaxial :wink:
If that doesn’t work friend then I’m sorry I’m at a loss as to why your DS wants it down sampled to 96 :frowning:

Thanks again for the suggestion and the information. As far as I can see it is only the sampling rates of the SPDIF outputs that can be adjusted in Konfig, and while I tried doing this - just in case! - it made no difference. A friend is pretty sure he read somewhere in LinnDocs that the input was capped at 96; in any event I am currently stuck with downsampling to hear any music on files of any higher resolution than this. I do thank you for your willingness to help and I’m a little disappointed that I am no further forward,

But the music is still good!!

So it was only for outputs the adjustments of the bitrate in Konfig? I always thought it was for inputs :frowning:
I knew that the digital Toslink in was defo 96 max but in this day & age to limit a Coaxial in to 96 seems a bit of a bad show on Linn’s part as I’ll guess the majority of users still mostly use the Coaxial when hooking up things when possible. I’m actually glad that I sold my own DSM then & went in a different direction…
I wonder what those latest new range of Linn streamers / DAC’s bit rates are then? Maybe the same capped at 96 in…
However Maybe bitrates aren’t the be all & end all TBH, there’s plenty of the opinion that they actually prefer digital Toslink 96 over Coaxial 192 as they claim it sounds better to them.
My apologies for assuming something regards Konfig & it’s setting instead of actually knowing.

Absolutely no apologies needed; thank you again for your interest and willingness to help. As you say, bitrates need not be the be-all and end-all… If it sounds good…