Aries Mini vs Aries


I have an Aries Mini with the Sbooster power supply outputting to an outboard DAC. I like the sound I am getting but wondering how much a jump in sound quality I would get with the full Aries. The higher end model with dual femto clocks. Has anyone done this comparison or have thoughts? Guessing adding the Sbooster gets me part of the way to the Aries but not sure how far.


I went from Aries mini to Aries Le with a linear power supply to full Aries with femto business. As you progress up the food chain there is a definite sound improvement especially when you get to the full Aries but do keep in mind that you will need a dac with full Aries and you don’t with the mini. What dac and cabling are you using, usb optical coax ? Brand? Headphone based setup? Speakers?
Mini is a self contained package really, but Aries is a bridge as the company’s description goes so improvements depend more on the other equipment in your system as it gets out of the way of having an influence on sound( ie no dac, better processing power compared to mini)


Thanks for your response. I am using a Jorma coax cable to an Audio Note DAC-3 Signature. Its a speaker based set up Deja Vu Audio custom tubed preamp and amp and Audio Note AN/Jlx speakers. It’s a very good sounding system all around in my opinion and just looking to wring a bit more out of it without spending crazy money.


Then the best way to know for sure is to borrow a full Aries from a dealer. We all hear differently and the change may be profound to some but not to others. So grab a full Aries unit and try in your system, if you feel that there is a benefit ( there is in my journey with the three Auralic units ) then pull the plug and grab the full Aries. Great unit, linear psu and a very unique shape amongst boring black/silver boxes. The ultimate significance of an item improving sound in a system is listening to that item in your system with music that you know and taking your time. Opinions such as mine, reviews ultimately should be used as a guide to point you in the right direction


Neo thanks again for the advice unlikely to go the dealer route will probably find a used/demo model online. I feel this is a safe bet I like how the Mini sounds I am sure the Aries would be even better. And only looking at the full model for sure.


Hello jond, I would love to be able to upgrade as well…
I would love to know if the Auralic Team is coming this year to Ottawa to be able to listen to the “difference”. Not many audio dealers in this area AND they don’t stock anything really. I will ask Mister X if they come around this part of the Canadian country this year. Good luck in your upgrade venture my friend because everyone that listened to my Mini with the power supply are still amazed by IT! Gregory


Hi Gregory:

We may work with our local dealer to join one trade show in Canada in the year of 2018.


That “sounds” just fine with me!!!

Keep us posted, thank you Xuanquian


Revival of an old topic😉

I’m moving up to an older Aries LE with the AURALiC Ultra Linear PSU from an Aries Mini . I thought this had the Femto clocks, however it does not.

How much more of the sound and streaming qualities would I be missing. Quantifiable, or simply the last x% perhaps less than 10%?

Ultimately I’ll keep moving up the line as a demo or a pre owned model comes along.

I think the sound improvement was small from Airplay of Tidal, to Lightning DS, but with better resolution and small details. The change from Tidal + Roon was a more full sound all via streaming the Aries Mini. However a comparison of CD played by Music Hall 25.2 Transport via Coaxial cable to Denafrips Pontus DAC was a big jump in dynamics, bass, low level details and coherent sound.