Aries Mini update 6.2.1 library update issue

I got the 6.2.1 firmware update on 2/9 and notice my library does not get updated anymore according to the daily preset schedule. I tried a manual update from the browser and from within LDS app but the index in LDS doesn’t get updated anymore. It stays stuck on the last update from the night before the firmware’s update. I restarted the Mini, deleted the library and rebuilt it but it does not get updated afterwards. Actually the update on the Mini side goes through until it ends without blockage however the LDS app does not pick up the changes (the usual blue line on top of LDS does not trigger anymore when I open up the app). Am I the not one here ? Any clues about what else I should try ? Cheers

CI had two issues following 6.2.1 update, lost content under some of the Radio sections, sorted that by just going in and out of Radio until the affected sections started to populate again.

Regarding the Music section, noticed after adding an album it still would not show even after running “Re-Scan All Paths”. Think I saw the blue update library bar at top and definitely got the pop up saying the scan was successful, but no new content.

Tried “Erase Lightning Server Index” under Additional Operations and “Clear Cache” under Lightning Server, nothing seemed to work.

In the end I some how deleted the Library or done something to allow me to “Setup up a New Library”, this showed a different scan, a thin bar going across the screen as it searched the drive. After that I was able to get the added content showing again.

I believe the type of search or index that’s carried out when you add a new Library was responsible for sorting my issue, but others might comment further on that.

Anyhow, realise my update issue isn’t exactly what you are experiencing but there are some similarities, so hope some of this helps.

Hello SiHancox, tnx for the feedback. I reset the Mini, rebuilt the library and it everything is back to normal again. Sometimes we must take extreme measures :confused: Anyway, I’m good now.

Glad you got it sorted, I definitely didn’t have to resort to resetting the Mini though, but will remember that if something like this crops up again.