Aries Mini Spotify Connect experience



My daughter is a Spotify Premium user, she uses an iPhone 6s that is up to date, incl. the latest Spotify app. All devices connect to our home’s wifi router which is an Apple Airport Extreme. Aries Mini never suffers from wifi drops or anything like it, not when streaming from Qobuz and neither reading files from the NAS. She is able to find the Aries Mini in the output menu of Spotify’s app, no worries there.

But something is weird, when she plays a playlist, an album or a song on her Spotify app, she selects the Aries Mini and quits the app, or when she encloses her phone with her hands to block its signal thre Aries stops playing.

So I am wondering, does Spotify Connect somehow require the controlling client (in this case the Spotify app on her iPhone) to remain connected and live even though the Aries Mini is connecting itself directly to Spotify services to do its thingy ?

Does this make sense or is it a bug of some sort ? If so, whose bug is it ? Aries or Spotify ?



Have you checked you have selected Spotify Connect rather than AirPlay from the Spotify App.


Hello Xuanqian,

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I could not find an airplay setting within the Spotify app and control panel on the iPhone but I switched off airplay on the Aries Mini using LDS and Spotify Connect became available and it started working when pressing play.

That’s good.

But then my son who is an iTunes guy needs Airplay on the Aries Mini to play his music.

I enabled again Airplay and Spotify Connect stopped playing and Spotify app can only connect using Airplay even though Aries has both options enabled, Connect & Airplay.

That’s weird.

Is this to be expected ?

Kind Regards


Highly likely that you have Airplay on your iPad/iOS device directed at the Aries… Then the behaviour will be whimsical and the Aries will be selecting Airplay as input every time you select another app on your iDevice, or perform other actions…
You will have difficulties when using both methods, i’d say…


This is a problem of iTunes, when you no longer use its AirPlay function, you need to manually disengage the AirPlay that sending to ARIES otherwise it will not allow ARIES switch to other input channel. The other way is simply quit iTunes completely.