Aries Mini problems with Lightning DS, why?

Just replaced my Sonos Connect with an Aries Mini. Installed Lightning DS on my iPhone 8 and did all configurations needed to be able to use Tidal and Internet radio. Seems to work relatively good, BUT, on my wife’s iPhone 7 The Lightning DS App and/or the Aries Mini seems to be very unstable!

On my wife’s iPhone 7 the Lightning DS app is very slow and it seems to loose radio channels, connectivity etc.

But the most enoying thing is that the Aries Mini can’t be found when pressning AirPlay units in Spotify, specific radio apps etc. Our AppleTV is found, but not the Aries Mini. On my iPhone 8 the menus are much faster and it finds the Aries Mini as an AirPlay unit from all apps.

Both iPhones are updated to the latest iOS and the iPhone 7 worked perfectly with the Sonos. My wife is quite upset that I replaced it.

Please help me!

Although the iPhone 7 only has an A10 chip compared to the 8’s A11, I wouldn’t consider that in itself the reason for such a performance hit.

If the device is generally running slow (ie not just with LDS) you could check to see how much free space is left on your wife’s iPhone and if it’s running short delete some unused content.

Another option is to try a Force Restart which can sometimes clear out temporary files.

If the issue appears to be network related, in other words slow in accessing the WiFi you could try resetting network settings, you will need to rejoin WiFi networks again so have the passwords available.

If on the other hand everything else is fine and it’s just LDS giving the issue then you could try deleting LDS, restart the device and then reinstall the app again. You will need to go through the setup process so have your login details handy and it will need to reindex the library which depending on size could take a while.

Hope some of this helps.

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iPhone 7 should work without any problem, check if both iPhones are connecting to the same WiFi network, sometimes one is connecting to 2.4G and the other one is on 5G.

Thank you for answers!

I have restarted the iPhone, the router and the Auralic Aries Mini. Also done a network reset on the iPhone and re-connected it to my home wi-fi. The router is an Apple Time Capsule (last gen), connected with Ethernet to the Aries Mini (due to wireless connection problems, according to info found here on the forum). The wired connection means I do not need to check whether the units are on 2.4 or 5 GHz, right?

The problem remains: the Auralic Aries Mini do not show up as an Airplay unit on the iPhone (almost never on my wife’s iPhone, and now after the restarts only sometimes on my iPhone).

Any more ideas what I can do to fix this?

Thank you in advance!

My iPhone vs my wife’s iPhone. Connected to the same wifi. Auralic do not show up as Airplay unit.

Probably the TimeCapsule may cause the issues. Since Apple have discontinued it and haven’t serviced the firmware any more (except for security issues) TC has become more and more unreliable. You may want to consider to replace it by an up-to-date router, if necessary combined with a WLAN-repeater / Mesh (and a NAS for TimeMachine purposes). Personally I managed to eliminate all WLAN issues when I got a divorce from my TimeCapsule and switched to Fritz!Mesh / Synology NAS.


Hi Karl,

I believe @Xuanqian was referring to the iPhones with regards to checking wireless bands. You just need to go into Settings>Wi-Fi and confirm it’s actually on the 5g network.

I’m not sure with regards to the Time Capsule but it helps with wireless routers to have unique wireless names for 2.4g and 5g, that way you can see more easily which one the connected device is actually using.

If you have checked there is enough free space, reset network and restarted plus deleted LDS and reinstalled there are a couple of other things you could check.

Apple iDevices now throttle power when the battery ages which sometimes impacts processes and results in odd behaviour, go to Settings>Battery>Battery Health and see if “Maximum Capacity” is getting close to 80%, if it is you may be impacted by this process (you normally get a warning though and I think it can be turned off) and you may need to consider a replacement.

The other option is to use a Mac (or PC) and Restore the iPhone, but when asked setup a “New”. This is rather like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut but it basically gets rid of every user configuration or installed app that can mess the device up. It can also sort out issues that can arise from numerous OTA updates. Once done only install LDS and see what happens.

(Note you use iTunes on a PC or Mac’s pre Catalina to do same).

Be aware you will loose all personal stuff stored on the iPhone but if you are syncing to iCloud a lot of that will come back when signed back in to your Apple ID (Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Photo’s etc), but it would be wise to have your own backup’s of such data just in case.

You can also restore the device from within Settings, but it doesn’t replace the existing iOS like when using the computer so could in theory leave some corruption behind.

I’m unsure with regards to the issue being the fault of the Time Capsule, after all it’s working fine on yours and you both run iOS13 and the devices are not that far apart with regards to performance or hardware, but that’s just my view.

Hope some of the above helps.

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No issue with my time capsule for many years now. iPad and Aries femto and G2 connected with WiFi with more than 20 other devices. Airplay and LDS works fine too.

Your screenshot is not AirPlay but Spotify Connect. To use Spotify Connect, you need a Premium subscription (paid subscription). Both you and your wife’s iPhone dont show AirPlay at all, I think you need to check if the AirPlay channel has been enabled at ARIES MINI.

Wow, I’m amazed with all the help and feedback here, thank you!

After a bit more of trial and error I found info somewhere on the web that seems to have fixed my (and my wife’s) problem:

Start Up the AirPort network app:
Airport Utility > Network > Network Options
Enable IGMP Snooping

After enabling this feature in the TimeCapsule the Auralic Aries Mini is found instantly in both our iPhones, so far without problems at all!


Note 1: I still need to have a fixed Ethernet connection, the Aries Mini can’t connect to my wi-fi.

Note 2: I don’t know how to rename (or divide?) 2.4 and 5G in the TimeCapsule. Is it even possible?


We both have paid subscription, the problem is/was that the Aries Mini did not show up in the list of devices in my wife’s iPhone (and sometimes not in my iPhone also).

Hi Karl,

Good news that you may have resolved issue, and it looks as though @komadori may have been on the right track with this one (ie. the router) all be it an incorrect setting.

Must admit I’m starting to realise how so many device related issues (with Apple and Auralic) are in fact influenced by the “router” itself in some way, although pinpointing that fact is not always easy, especially when one one iPhone works and another doesn’t!

With regards to the ability to separate wireless band names it appears to be dependent on age of Capsule, this Apple discussion may explain better.

Not being able to get the Mini to connect wirelessly may also be another indicator that the Capsule might not be up to the job (at least on the wireless side of things). I used a Mini for a few months and one aspect I noticed was it sometimes struggled with a poor signal.

You can sometimes improve things with existing kit by forcing the Mini to use 2.4g band (it carries further and penetrates walls better than 5g) and move the kit closer together. In other words get Mini next to Capsule and have them central to where you use the iDevices.

But you have side stepped that problem nicely by using Ethernet and it may be best to continue that way, but some of us are not always that fortunate due to room layout/lack of cable runs.

Hi again,

Have a couple of additional questions:

1: When connecting to the Aries Mini using the Spotify app (AirPlay? Spotify Connect?) in the iPhone, the music stops playing when the Spotify app is closed and/or when the iPhone is too far away from the wi-fi network (outside of the apartment). I though that the iPhone only acted as a remote control, and not as the streamer. Am I right or wrong? When I did this earlier with the Sonos Connect, the music kept playing eventhough the iPhone was out.

2: I have playlists saved in my Tidal app/account on the iPhone. Also songs, artists and albums. But when I use Tidal in the Lightning DS app the playlists can’t be found. The songs, artists etc are found, but the playlist page only shows ”empty”. Why?

For 1 you are streaming to the Spotify app on your phone and then sending the stream on to the Aries mini via Airplay, so if you lose your WiFi connection the music will stop as the Airplay link will be broken.

For 2. You should get an option to import settings when you first enable your Tidal account in LDS, if you choose “No” then you will not get your playlists in LDS. You will have to logout to remove the Tidal account and then add it again to get the option, then select “Yes”.

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