Aries mini, LDS and incomplete album info

Hi, first time I’ve used this forum after being directed here by auralic support. My problem: I own an Aries mini which sounds great. however , when ripping cds recently and I open LDS the first track is missing. It is elsewhere in an unknown artist folder with no title to it. therefore I can’t play an album from the beginning. all other detail is there such as album cover etc…
I rip cds on a Toshiba laptop using Windows media player in FLAC format direct to a WD My Cloud EX2. music is played back through a wired connection direct to the Aries mini. Hope someone can point me in the right direction! I’m hoping I don’t have to re-rip a lot of cds. thanks in advance for any advice!

At a guess I would say the metadata on the first track is not complete and therefore that file does not form part of the “album” and therefore join the other files when displayed in LDS.

You should be able to open that loan file (track) and compare it’s metadata with one of the others and then edit accordingly.

That’s my first thought on why one odd track separates from the others, someone else might think different though.


many thanks for the prompt reply! on further investigation I’ve just noticed that all of the FLAC rips share this problem. The ones done previously I used Apple lossless M4A, they don’t have the same issue.


  1. I don’t think WMP is the best to rip CD… EAC got many votes as well as dBpoweramp
  2. Anyway it’s always best to recheck and unify tag… TagScanner is a very nice tool for that, with access to several databases.

I’m no expert having just started ripping with XLD since getting an Aries Mini a few weeks ago, but I’ve noticed you have to ensure it’s setup correctly with regards to the metadata you wish embedding prior to the rip process and that’s not always easy to see.

If M4A worked previously then I would try a trial rip again in that format and see what happens.

Also, use a metadata editor and open one of the “loan” files and see what if anything is missing.

All I can say is when I rip a cd with XLD and let it embed metadata the resultant folder when dragged on to the Aries Mini ssd via iMac Finder has all the album tracks still in that folder and they all appear together when displayed via LDS.

Just one other thought, any part of the metadata if different or missing on the one track from the other files could result in it being separated, for example I usually complete the total tracks section, but if I miss that out on one file it gets shown as a separate album.

Check your tags. MP3tag is excellent software free, Windows.

Yes, very right!
Use always dBpowerAmp with its great result also in correcting track files by using some databases for correcting if possible. This tool is the best I know. Second is EAC.
Don’t use other stuff because of incorrect bit data and meta data.

Hi all, thanks so much for all of the replies. The problem here is that you’re advising someone who is totally clueless in this area, I’m surprised I managed to get as far as I have, ripping cds to a NAS, setting up the Aries etc…

Sorry for the hassle but what I need is a real idiots guide to tagging ie which one to use? do I download it to my laptop ? does that then become the format for playing the music? How to actually transfer the lone files to the correct album? will it sort out all of the album artwork? sorry forgot to mention that…some is there, 60% not, irrespective of which ripping tool I used…

If any of you good people have the patience to give me a step by step guide it would be massively appreciated!

thanks again in advance!

Hi, me again!

just looked at db poweramp site and there’s multiple options for me to try…do I get the cd ripper, perfect tunes or both? will the CD ripper alone sort out my existing problem ie searching my nas drive and correcting the files?

just wanted to check before I invest…

Perhaps you could start by searching online. Rather than hope someone here has the time to write a comprehensive explanation, which you may still find hard to grasp. “How to rip and tag music files” would be a start.

Can’t advise on software because I use Apple gear, but the following may help.

Try and read between the lines, in other words it doesn’t matter what format or software is being used, try and understand the basic principle.

Another good source is to search YouTube, watching someone else might help fill in the gaps!

With regards to best software, I believe some Windows users have already suggested one or two, the articles may give others.

Hope some of this helps.

Here I gave some explanations… but it was in French…
Can’t be that difficult to understand with the help of

There are print screen of TagScanner.


Just wondering if you ever managed to get the ripping/tagging workflow sorted.

Check if you tag are ok with TagScanner for eg (windows software) or YATE in MacOS.

hi all, thanks for your replies. not had a chance to sort things out yet, few issues non HiFi related! will let you know how I get on asap…

thanks again, will let you know soon

You should use ( EAC ) Exact Audio Copie! It’s a super Programm in Germany.
I have copied more than 1000 CD’s and they all are in the best quality flac codec!!
Best regards from Germany :de:

Hi All,

Thanks so much for all of your replies. I’ve finally sorted it! Took a bit of time but got there in the end. For those who might have a similar problem, here’s what I did:

1 - Downloaded DB Poweramp trial
2 - Opened Batch Conversion app
3 - Found the offending music files on my network using the app i.e. the ones with first track info missing NB the track was there along with the rest of the album in the correct place ie track 1, just no corresponding info eg artist, track title etc…
4 - Clicked on the file, then right click, then ‘Edit tag’
5 - a box appears and typed in each artist, track title and album title. didn’t bother with the other stuff…IMPORTANT: Type it in exactly as it appears on the album, any misspelling of any info even including a space in the wrong place will result in it not refreshing properly…well it did in my case
6 - Open LDS settings - music library - LightningServer [MyAries] - additional operations - Re-Scan all Paths. When that has been done (you will get a notification) click cancel which takes you back to the previous page in settings THEN click ‘Refresh Cache’

After that was completed, the problem was solved. I can now play my flac albums from the beginning! Hope that helps to anyone else who needs it!

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