Aries Mini Internal SSD Format

I have attempted to reuse the SSD elsewhere but am unable to format it using my iMac. The MacOS disk utility is totally unable to do anything with it (when mounted in a caddy), has anyone else found a solution please? Is there a hidden Auralic utility by any chance to revert it to the original blank state?

All sorted :blush: but had to return to a Windows machine… :unamused:

Mac has a built-in application called Disk Utility which can help you to erase any disk

Many thanks for the reply. From my experience the MacOS Disk Utility can only identify that the Auralic disk initialisation creates a GPT Protective Partition. After some research I found that using Windows command line tool DiskPart might help, hence my update.

Last year I purchased a used Mini with a built-in SSD. As I didn’t want to make use of the SSD I explanted it in order to sell it on eBay. I put it in an external HDD/SSD case, connected it to my MacBook with a USB cable and erased and re-formated it using MacOs’s Disk Utility without any issues. Strange, that it doesn’t seem to work in your setting.


I‘ve read about but never actually experienced a failed to erase issue using macOS Disk Utility, but the suggested “fix” was to use the command line instruction via Terminal.

It appears the Terminal together with Command Line Instruction still retains the potential to carry out instructions that for some reason defeats native Apps.

Thank you Robin and Simon for your responses. I admit that this was the first time Apple had let me down in 15 years! Perhaps I’m just getting old :wink: but at least there’s a thread now just in case others find an issue.