Aries Mini Firmware Update Schedule?

Was wondering when the Aries range (Mini in particular) will get the next firmware update which is currently “stuck” on 5.8

The reason for asking is that the fix for BBC streams which came out over the last few days is in firmware 6.2, but that’s only been posted for the higher range device!

Thanks in advance.

6.1.1 (Beta) is the highest they will support but you have to set it for the Beta release firmware.

Yes, I’ve seen the highest beta available, but Xuanqian said the fix for the BBC HD stream issue was contained in 6.2, and this affected “all” devices.

So how do those on the Aries range obtain this “fix” if it’s not through firmware 6.2

@SiHancox It may effect all devices but they won’t fix it for the mini or the aries. I don’t know how else to tell you that the mini or the aries won’t get anymore updates beyond 6.1.1 I personally find it greatly disappointing for those of us who have these models and can not afford to move up at this time.

The reason I’ve questioned your comment regarding firmware 6.1.1 being the “last” update, and that assumes it comes out of beta, is that Xuanqian again said the Mini would be supported for 5 years following its discontinued date.

Now if the hardware discontinued in 2017 that leaves 3 years remaining of support, as seemingly confirmed by this post 28 days ago.

So have I misinterpreted what is meant by “support”!

@Xuanqian Can you please answer this question.

Thanks for asking the question, I done similar under the other discussion when the fix was announced, but didn’t get a reply, may be it was just missed though.

PS. Sorry, forgot to ask, what firmware are you running and on what devices, and if beta have you had any issues.

@SiHancox I have the origonal Aries and I am running the beta 6.1.1 I use Roon and not the DLS.

Thanks for that, the Mini is still on 5.8 mainly because I was uncertain how advanced beta 6.1.1 was to final release.

Had bad experience with beta’s in past so tend to avoid if possible.

Really hope Xuanqian replies and can fill in some detail.

You can always fall back to 5.8 if you don’t like 6.1.1

Fair point, I suppose it’s just the fact beta’s are often glitchy by nature because they are a “work in progress” that makes me cautious.

It’s why it would be nice to know how far beta 6.1.1 was to final release, if close would probably then take a chance.

Imho, Aries mini is the best choice (i.e. „most bang for the buck“) compared to any other streaming bridge / dac combo on the market. At present I own two minis and would hate to miss them in the future. I understand that the mini was discontinued only for economical reasons. I therefore do declare that I am happily prepared to pay at least 50% more than for the mini I, if Auralic would ever decide to launch a mini II.

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Totally agree and much of what you say was talked about in this discussion before it went slightly off topic.

Saying that, I’d be content at the moment in just knowing what’s happing with Aries Mini firmware, which appears “stuck” at 5.8.

I (and I would consider many others) would obviously love to get any further functionality improvements that an update potentially brings, but would happily settle in just being able to access BBC High Res Streams through LDS, without having to exit and default to using AirPlay.

So, @Xuanqian, could you please enlighten us on what’s happening with regards to any forthcoming Mini firmware upgrades (eg. when will current beta turn in to final release and will it have the bbc stream fix), thank you.

My Aries updated during the day to 6.2.1. This is the beta version.

The BBC HLS streams now work. They and the streams I was using before the update also connect much faster.

I have no interest in debating release v beta firmware. Those of us using the beta option have been doing so for a long time without problems.

Not sure how that helps, Aries Mini beta is only at 6.1.1, you say 6.2.1 resolves BBC Streaming issue and @Xuanqian posted in another discussion that the fix was in 6.2.

I’m just trying to find out if the same fix will come to the Mini, whether that’s in a modified 6.1.1, a new 6.2 or 6.2.1

Not really interested in using a beta unless there is a good enough reason, resolving the BBC Streaming issue would be such a reason.

Thanks for confirming the issue is resolved though, for some anyway.

My Aries updated from 6.1.1 to 6.2.1.

The current firmware page hasn’t yet been updated. Aries and Aries Mini are both still listed at 6.1.1.

You can wait for someone to confirm that the Aries Mini has updated or simply enable beta firmware and see what happens. It will update fairly quickly once the beta is enabled. Reverting to release firmware is easy; I did it once in 2017 at Auralic’s request in order to test something. The beta firmware has never caused problems.

Sorry, I assumed incorrectly because you said your Aries was now on 6.2.1 that it was in fact a G1/G2 due to what’s currently listed on the firmware page.

I’ll try your suggestion and enable beta on my Mini tomorrow and see what happens through the day now the lower level devices are being moved up to 6.2.1

My initial reluctance was largely due to being relatively new to Auralic gear and therefore having no prior experience with regards to beta stability, plus just added a new router and everything is streaming very nicely, would hate to mess that up without good reason.

Anyhow, thanks again.

My original Aries Femto just updated to the latest 6.2.1 also. I was told they were not going to do this with the mini and the Aries Femto. I am happy.

6.2.1 is probably a stable version, if we can not find any bug in the next 2 to 3 weeks, we will put this version into official release server.


I’ve just enable “beta” under “My Account” after seeing that 6.2.1 was in fact available for the Mini as well, will leave things alone so it can do it’s stuff.

@Xuanqian mentioned if all goes well 6.2.1 will probably turn into final release in a few weeks, was wondering what happens to the copy on the device, does that remain beta or will it automatically change over to “final” as well, or do you have to op-out again before that happens.

Anyhow, a lot happier doing the beta switch now that 6.2.1 is close to final.