Aries Mini download capability


Hello members, can I download music from tidal while I’m using lightning ds app on my Mini internal ssd drive? Thank you


No you can’t


It is not possible due to copyright restriction.


Yes I see, you have to go through tidal to purchase the music first and then download the music.

Concerning the ssd internal hard drive, is the USB stick the only way to transfer data?

Can the transfer of data be done some other way?

Thank you, Gregory


Yes, you can transfer via rj45 connected to your network.
Than you “map” the drive and can drag’n drop files :wink:


Thank you Duff, I’m wireless though…


ok, and I suppose it’s a desktop, not a laptop


I have an Aries Mini with an SSD running on my WIFI network. In order to do the initial load of music from my computer to the SSD on the Mini, I had to connect the Mini to my router via wired ethernet connection. The WIFI was way to slow to transfer 700 GB at one time. Once I had the SSD hard drive loaded with music, I re-configured the Mini to work via WIFI and moved it to where my stereo is located.

Wherever I download or rip music to my computer (Mac), I then copy the folders with the new music to SSD drive on the Mini via the WIF network. My WIFI network works very well, and it does not take long to copy a ripped CD or a Hi Rez flac album to the Mini. It works great.


Alright, thank you ALL for good info from your part! It answered my doubts!