Aries mini case yellowing

I’ve had my Aries mini for a few years now, on a ventilated rack connected with the Auralic linear power supply. The case has become very yellowed over the last year, presumably from heat inside the unit. Is this a common problem? Is there anything that can be done to remedy the situation?

The Mini was built as an affordable streamer with plastic, no remote and other design decisions to sell it for $549.00 USD. I’ve had my black model for 3 years. I do notice that it runs fairly warm, so it doesn’t surprise me the white plastic ends up being discolored. My black model has not discolored, And if it did, it would probably go from black to dark gray. In any case, I just hope the heat doesn’t eventually cause the circuit board to fail.

If it does, hopefully by then Auralic will be providing another affordable option to replace the Mini (i.e. streamer in the $1000 - $1200 range).

Unfortunately a lack of UV resistance is a common disadvantage especially of white plastic material. Obviously in this case color change was accelerated by heat. I’m afraid that the process of aging is irreversible.

My aries mini is still pristine white. It’s also true i systematically switch it off after use (power switch on external ac power supply) .

I turn off my black Aries Mini using the switch on the sBooster power supply when it is not in use to minimize the heat that the device is exposed to. It can get pretty hot at times and I want the device to last as long as possible.

I recently added a Wyred 4 Sound Recovery USB reclocker device to my Aries Mini streaming chain. In addition to improving the sound, using the Recovery seems to make my Mini run cooler than it did before.

You can order a set of new plastic case from us and find a local computer store to replace it. I would suggest to replace it in black color to avoid this yellowing in the future.

Oh, that’s great news! I would love to get a black case. Thank you