Aries Mini & Asus RT-AC68U - issue with samba permissions


Hi Everyone,

Does anyone stores music library on external drive connected via USB port to router Asus RT-AC68U? I have an issue with permissions with samba sharing. Eveything is fine when guest login is allowed in router settings. But when I switch to login only by login and password, I receive error message in LDS: “Permission Denied”. Has anyone managed to configure this?


There is a bug of all ASUS router for it SMB sharing that you can not use root level as shared folder. You need to create a folder like ‘music’ and all albums inside music folder than use music as shared folder.


Nevertheless, it’s an even bigger issue that Auralic REQUIRES write access to the shares…
There,i said again! :slight_smile:


I have double checked the access under macOS. The issue must be with ASUS SMB sharing, because when I try to write to this disk, I get message:

Modifying “Disk” requires an administrator name and password. To move " folder", click Authenticate…


If you create a folder then give the folder permission then you should be able to write it.