Aries mini and Qobuz. Problems with streaming

Hello, i am having a problem with Qobuz on my Aries Mini. I get the message: Unable to play selected streaming track. I tried with logging me out and in again in the account and did set also a lower sampling rate in the aries but it didn`t work. I also tried a power re-boot, still not working.
Is there someone who has this problem as well or knows what i could try to fix the problem ?

Which country are you living?

Hi, i live in Norway. Actually 2 days ago it worked suddenly, but then it stopped working and i got the same failure message. I had the Aries mini switched off for one day and today i tried again with the setting of FLAC/96 Khz and it works, i can stream music in the DS app. I hope this is working the next days, i will keep playing music and see if it will stop again.


I’m in France and today Sunday 22nd March ‘20 my Aries Mini stopped playing Qobuz.

I’ve tried rebooting it, deleting and resinstalling Lightning DS.

Strangely, qobuz works on my backup streamer, and the mini will still stream some radio stations, but not French ones!

I hope you can help.

Thank you,


Hi Xuanqian,
Since yesterday it stopped again with playing music from the DS app. I had to change some settings because i wanted to play DSD files from the hard drive but i dont think that it stopped with Qobuz related to the changes i made. I tried again today but still not working. Everything else is working, i can play with Tidal or play music from the hard drive. Qobuz is actually working when i stream from the Qobuz app via airplay or i use the mconnect app. It works from my Android smartphone with BubbleDS and UPnP and also from my old second streamer device. I dont think there is anything country related because of this…?

Same problem for me. Qobuz simply stopped working on Mini.

When I try to stream a track, it says “buffering”. If the track is, say, 3 minutes long, then 3 minutes later I get an error message saying that that track is no longer available and it goes on to buffer the next track. And so on.

I “logged out” - which in the universe that Auralic live in actually means deleting your account - then signed in again (ie, creating another Qobuz account), and it made no difference.

Earlier this afternoon I did this, killed my Qobuz account and a few minutes later the tracks that had been buffering started to play, even though my streaming account had been killed. That was the last time I got anything out of Qobuz.

I am in the UK. There is no problem with my Qobuz account.

I have had a raft of problems with this software. This is just the latest. Would be good to find a solution.

Not sure if it is any help…

Am also based in the UK, however can confirm that at least on the Aries Femto with the beta release of 6.3 things seem to be relatively stable and am fine streaming from Qobuz.

Using version 5.6.1 of the lightning DS app on iOS 13.3.1 for what it’s worth.