Aries ISO to FLAC files



Im the happy owner of a Aries:-)

I just had a friend ripping my SACD´s from ISO to flac but it wont play, There´s only alot of noise when played a track?

Is it impossible til convert from a ISO til FLAC?

Do i have to convert from FLAC til DSF, will that Work?

What to i have to do, to get it to Work?


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Not an expert, but I think it would be better (easier) to convert from ISO to DSD…
The tool from Sonore is still available at:


Thanky you very much but hte problem is that all the ISO are overwritten to FLAC.

Dont know if FLAC to DSD conversion will Work?


If indeed the tracks are already converted to flac inside an ISO image than you have to open ISO with WinRAR and copy files (or you can mount as well the ISO image)


Ok so you dont Think the conversion to FLAC has ruint the ISO file?

So with WinRAR i can find the ISO file again?

I can share one album from my nas og any would check ud the FLAC file are broken


If you still have the ISO file you can use the iso2dsd tool mentioned above to convert to dff/dsf tracks.
If you friend already extracted the tracks that it might be a conversion issue but in any case the ISO file should be still usable. If you open the ISO file with WInRAR did you see a folder named 2C_AUDIO/MC_AUDIO? If yes this is an SACD image and you can use the tool to convert it to tracks.


I use EAC for all the Cds it can do conversion to.
SACD tracks they can be more then 2 chanel audio so Auralic will not downmix to stereo only plays i think 2 front chanels if i remember right.


SACD ISO til flac files will be made foobar2000 with plugs. The EAC will make a copy of the CD. It will not do a downmix of several channels up to 2 stereo. iso2dsd is a tool for SACD ISO. If you want, it will do a stereo downmix. It does not brake the original SACD ISO. You decide about the dsd file format.


The processing of ISO file to uncompressed DSF format requires a lot of processing power which is beyond the ability of our processor. It has to be done on computer for sure.

When you convert ISO to DSF, please make sure it is no longer encoded by DST, otherwise ARIES will still not able to read it.


Hi tavy.

Can you help me try to see if flac file can be save or has an iso image? i dont have winrar and can see its a bit expensive?

Link to FLAC


My problem is that my ISO files are convertes to flac files and wnat to now if i can save them or get them back to and iso file and the convert is till a DSF.

I have shared one of my albums above:-)




And how do i make sure of that? are there a good program for that?

A second question, i just bought and album i flac but it cant be found i Aries, can you see why?



As the tracks are already converted to flac there is no point to convert to anything else only if you still have the original ISO. Just downloaded a track and indeed seams a failed conversion. So you will need the original ISO and converted properly.



Ok thank you for the help, i dont have the sacd anymore:-( so thats bad!

And no iso file, they are overwritten to flac!


A nice free alternative to Winrar is Bandizip:


Thank you :wink:


Forgive me, but your questions are like 9-year-old questions. Unless you are having fun reading our help attempts. The basics of computer use, some free programs and you can enjoy music. WinRAR is a shareware program. You are just lazy.


No need to be snarky, we are not all English natives with a degree in computer science here.

Communication is a complex affair and we could all be more clear at times. Both the help-seeker and the helpees.


If I offend, I’m sorry. I got the impression that I described earlier. Everyone helps him, but no one will do it for him. The sum of all posts is a clear instruction. How to help him?


I am unable to retrieve any of your FLAC files, but if they are indeed FLAC-files you will have no issues playing them back in almost any playback software (or hardware).

And if you don’t have the ISOs anymore, it’s just a matter of re-ripping the SACDs… Sorry, but thats all there is to it…

I’d have a chat with the friend who “helped” you convert, to try and figure out if he knew what he was doing?