Aries G2 wire vs wireless?

I’m interested in the opinions of people who have tried both wired and wireless connections for the Aries and what conclusions they have drawn.


I’ve tried mine both ways. Pretty subtle difference, if any, can’t really say one is better than the other. I run mine wirelessly. I too am interested in other’s opinions. I would say the G2 is the best source I’ve ever had.

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Same thing for me. No way to ear a difference between WiFi and Ethernet … and no more cable, no electrical noise etc …
I had a Aries Femto and now an Aries G2 and same thing for both.
Auralic recommends WiFi too.

I have not tried G2 but original (Femto) and now Aries G1. I do not detect a difference between wireless and wired operation.

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Hello Auralic Guys,

I go wireless with my Aries G1 to make it communicate with my WiFi access point Cisco WAP150. My iPad also connects to that WiFi access point. Then it goes rj 45 Ethernet to my router LiveBoxPlay Orange.
This configuration works perfect, no electrical noise, no connection dropout, amazing music streaming Qobuz or listening from my NAS.
I have have only used a wired connection at the beginning when I got the Aries G1 the time to make it start and set all the parameters.


@squarepeg, @deuch. I am having a G1 coming my way and I have heard on some forums people griping about the G1or G2 being flaky with dropouts used wirelessly. My thought is that these dropouts are occuring with a poor wireless router or wireless setup. I am guessing that with a good wireless router in the room that dropouts should not be a problemn. With that said I was wondering if you folks could tell me what wireless router you are using. I am a Roon users so Iam also going to test Lighting vs Roon. Thank you for any help or wisdom

Linksys Max-Stream AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band Wireless Smart WiFi Router (EA9300). Wireless connection to Aries G2 is solid as a rock. Distance about 20 feet, no thick walls in between.

Airport TimeCapsule 2 TB. 0 issue. 5Ghz, more than 20 devices connected on it.

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Asus RT-N66U router, Aries G1 via 5Ghz band in the next room, 100% stable. Have never experienced any instability or odd behaviour.
Some peculiar design decisions regarding Lightning DS, yes, but nothing unexpected.
(I have wired Ethernet right next to the Aries so have tried that too, but cannot detect any improvement, so i leave it disconnected)

I’m running Ruckus network. Once I turned Apple play, and, bluetooth off on my G2, I have not lost wifi connection in at least a month!

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Bluetooth, AirPlay and Roon are switched off too in my setup.

I was getting dropouts on WiFi from the Virgin media supplied router’s wireless. Put a TP-Link 5G I had got for my daughter while she was Erasmus in Germany and have it the same room as the Aries with no issues of dropouts at all. I only have the Aries connected, I use the Virgin wireless for everything else.



My ARIES G1 and my iPad are connected wireless to my Cisco Wap150 WiFi access point which then goes wired to my NAS, ROUTER and NUC ROON ROCK.

I have only used wired connection with the ARIES G1 at the beginning the time to set all the parameters in the setup sections, since I go wireless and everything works fine.
I have just one hic when streaming very hires audio due to low internet flow, I am looking to change for an other internet provider and get optical internet connection.

I use an Asus RT-AC68 run my G1 on 5ghz Wifi since there’s much less traffic on that band. Zero issues I’ve run internet radio for 24 hours no drops, streaming from NAS all resolutions no issues. I even set my G1 up on wireless. Sounds great!

Just to mention 5ghz has way less range and less power then 2.4ghz. My Asus is 30 ft from the G1 with basically no walls to interfere . If you have issues with Wifi 1. make you have a newer router. 2. If you have issues with drops try 2.4 ghz

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With the following picture you can easily understand why very HiRes streaming with Qobuz doesn’t work well…and when at the same time my dear wife is watching a movie on internet you imagine what happens…

Yikes, that’s terrible. I’m on Comcast. Never less than 125mbps download and about 10mbps up.

Do you think it’s enough for Tidal or Qobuz ?

LOL, a Gig that’s funny…

Yep FTTH in France baby ! We can have 8Gbs too at home if it’s not enough :smirk:

With WiFi speed are 500Mbs download and 400Mbs upload with my 2TB time capsule. With better WiFi router, I think i can closely reach the 1gb with WiFi.

And with my phone at home in 4G LTE :crazy_face:

show off…:sweat_smile: