Aries G2, the Leo, and my Lampizator DAC

I own the Aries G2 and love the way it sounds with my Lampizator Pacific. But I’d like to be able to use a Leo or other master clock. Is there a way to do this? Can anyone recommend a clock to use instead of the Leo (which I think can only work with an all Auralic DAC and the Aries G2)? Maybe I’ve missed something? And thanks in advance.

The Leo can be use only with a DAC with a dedicated input for clock. If your DAC does not provide one, you can not use a Leo. It will not work with an Aries G2 even with a lightning link.

Thanks. That’s what I surmised. Is there a clean clock that could work? I’m not that familiar with them.

Would they get daisy changed via USB?

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No the clock use bnc connector (or a special one). In your case there is no way to use an external clock.

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