Aries G2 Streamer Internal Storage


Can you provide any insight to the Audio performance of the internal storage verses playing from NAS.
Bottom line is will the Internal Storage give any Audio play back an edge or equal a NAS System.
P.S. The manual does not show any instructions to install any 2.5” HDD/SSD Drives.
Why I am asking is, I would like to invest in a 2TB SSD drive for the Aries G2.

Thank You and appreciate your time



A dedicate NAS will give best sound quality if you choose the correct one. Adding another device inside ARIES G2 will only add noise source any may degrade the sound quality. We are giving internal storage option only for people whom do not want to invest on NAS. If you want the best sound quality, please invest on a good NAS like Synology or QNAP.


Thank You Xuanqian for your response.
I believe I have found a new NAS to replace my old one.
The QNAP TS-877 powered by AMD’s new 14nm Ryzen™ processor.
Starlight and Platinum Starlight CAT8 Ethernet (STE) by Wireworld Cable Technology.



The decision for a QNAP NAS should be good. But you should consider what the NAS should do for you!

If you choose a NAS with an AMD CPU some UPnP-Server wouldn’t work

If you choose a NAS with an Intel CPU you are free and could install all solutions there are on the market.

Especially the server solutions from illustrate (Asset UPnP) and Roon (Server) require a Intel CPU or work much more faster with this.

By using an extra UPnP Server on your NAS and not only a network share, you are able to generate your personal look and feel inside your music archive.

For me the Lightning DS app is the one of the best on the market, but yet there are some ‚bugs‘ (I will describe in another new post) which could make difficult to browse and use a large archive. Then an extra UPnP Server could be a solution. At this point: it’s very comfortable that Auralic let the user choose this option to use ‚an external‘ UPnP Server or to use the built in functions from the Lightning DS App.

The AMD solution is cheaper than the Intel solution.

I use a QNAP TS-EC1080 Pro (not only for the music) and came from a QNAP SS-439 Pro. I think the Intel one would give you more possibilities.




Thank You for this knowledge, after doing some research I have found your
reply to be spot on and correct.
I will be going with Intel over AMD, I’m a AMD Fan and failed to do my
research on this one.
Your QNAP TS-EC1080 Pro is nice, I like it.
Once again I thank you for saving me a lot of displeasure to say the least.

Have A Great Day


Hello Dean

You are welcome. Since about 10 years I use QNAP products after I have to determine that other manufacturers are not have this quality and update support.

For storing music and using the NAS as a good performance music Server you could also use the QNAP x53A-series. They are available with 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 hdd ports. It could be a good performance <-> price alternative.

Regards André


I wonder if a SONICTRANSPORTER from Small Green Computer (who also market the Micro/ultra rendu) will be a viable solution instead of a QNAP. The SONICTRANSPORTER is shipped with ROON pre installed and can include up top 10 Gb HD ? They even have a ripping option.


This could be a solution too, but if you want to have a good running NAS then the QNAP would be a better solition.

With the QNAP you will get a system which is made for storing data and houses network services. The software will get updates and the manufacturer will exist in the next years also.

If you buy a propriatary audio storage system it seems to be the better solution - looking from the IT technical side the NAS should be the better decision. On the NAS you could install what you want (when its available), on the audio system you have to use what the sytem offers you.

You wrote about the ripping option. OK you are right, but there is another possibility:

  • an external CD Drive with C2 error correction
  • powered be an external linear power supply
  • a good USB cable
  • dbpoweramp by illustrate as rip software

With these components you will get perfect high quality rips and after ripping x-cds you could change the drive without effort.

At last its your personal decision. I would prefer the parting of the music and the network/ripping components.

Regards André


And if you prefer not to waste money on a NAS, many common routers offer servers for USB drives plugged into them.
I’m using an ASUS router, which is simultaneously supporting both SMB and DLNA server access to a USB3 thumbdrive, without any issues at all. The Aries is attached with WiFi, and has never shown a skip or dropout - there is plenty of bandwidth for even 352K audio.
I see no reason why a costly NAS box is needed as a file server for the Aries.


For RAID and backup strategy to another NAS or Amazon Glacier/S3 for instance


I can see the thumbdrive from my iMac, so backup is easily performed, and I see no reason to use RAID for a music drive when I have backup for the files.


Easily by hand …

I’ve a NAS in RAID1 to prevent a disk failure. Backup is done on AWS, every night without PC or taking care of it. Everything is schedule, the nas wake up itself, do the backup and go to sleep. Nothing to install on windows or macos, the nas handle it by itself. I can lost one disk and continue to listen music :slight_smile: if something goes wring (robbery, electrical problem) i can reconstruct a new nas from AWS glacier. And i’ve a couple of TB of music so with an usb drive it start to be complicated. Same thing for the transfert speed, not as fast as the NAS.