Aries G2 Starts playing music by oneself

After updating my iPAD to OS 13.3.1 my Aries G2 starts playing music by oneself sometimes. Always the last played album/titel.

Any ideas or suggestions ?

You’re not playing Ghosts in the Machine??

Maybe you need to clear any current playlist before turning off iPad ?

Thanks for your answer. I will try that, but it is definately a new problem. Had no problems before the iPad update

I noticed that if I am playing an Internet radio station and I put my Aries G1 to “sleep”, when I wake it up, it immediately starts to play the station I was last listening to. It doesn’t happen when the last thing I listened to was either something from Qobuz or a file I’ve streamed off my connected USB drive. It’s been doing that since I bought the device mid-year in 2019.

Hi Tom,

That happens for me as well, I have an Altair G1 and iPad Pro by the way and network strength is good on 5g.

Never had it auto start any of my own content (on internal ssd) or Spotify though (don’t usually use streaming services).

Can’t remember when this behaviour first started so not sure if it’s related to an LDS update, suppose time will tell.

Problem solved!
Some time before i paired a remote control via Smart Settings for the play/pause function with my Aries.

Then never ever used it. Put the remote control away in another room and forgot it. The pairing still active.

Now i cleared the pairing. This solved the problem. Seems “something in the air” in my room send a “Play” command to the Aries. Strange…

Most apparitions can be explained scientifically :ghost:. Q.E.D.