Aries G2 Reviewed in Secrets of Home Theatre & Hifi


It is clear that AURALiC has invested a significant engineering know-how in the ARIES G2 to create a state-of-the-art wireless streaming transporter. This effort obviously pays off. While the ARIES G2 cannot be considered cheap at $3899, everything about it screams high end and brings commensurate performance values. The ARIES G2 is a compelling product that can proudly serve as the center of a modern high-fidelity streaming music system. Its streaming operation is smooth and fast, and more importantly its sonic performance is hard to beat. The ARIES G2 truly packs features and performance that set a new standard for products in this category. Definitely, this is a product that I highly recommend for people who want to build a top-notch wireless music system.

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