Aries g2 resampler

Hi! I can not switch off resampler on aries g2…what to do?

I am having the same question…

What do you want to do exactly ?

Make sure that there is no interference in the stream, not even the slightest… The menu says “Yes”, when does one get it to say “No”…?

The resampler is always on for detection but the most important part is if you decide to resampler for a specific frequency eg 44.1kHz to 88.2kHz.

In the menu, if the input frequency is equal to the output so no up/down sampling at all.

PCM auto detect is a setup to let Aries set the output accordingly to the dac capabilities with the infos coming from USB interface of the DAC.

If the DAC handle 192kHz max, everything above will be downsampled to the right frequency.