Aries G2 plus Matrix SPDIF2

I am giving thought to using a Matrix SPDIF 2 with my Aries G2. I was wondering if someone has experience with this setup? The Aries feeds into a PS Audio DSJ.
Any thoughts you may have would be appreciated.

I have no idea what you try to achieve…

I’m not convinced that the Aries would recognise the Matrix interface?

Yes it does work, no, sadly (in my opinion) it doesn’t sound better with my ps audio dac, In fact I think it sound worse.

For those who don’t know what it does, it takes usb in, with optic, balanced or I2S out and usually improves sq into most DACs, but I think Aries output is so good it’s actually better than the matrix

I briefly ran an Aries G2 to a Matrix X-SPDIF 2, and from the Matrix to a PS Audio DirectStream Sr. DAC via I2S (hdmi). The Aries G2 and Matrix worked fine together.

And in my opinion, there was an audible sonic improvement using Aries G2 > USB > Matrix > I2S > DS versus Aries G2 > USB > DS. I attributed this to the consensus view that the PS Audio DAC’s I2S input is superior sonically to its USB input. YMMV.

Please note that I was using an outboard UpTone Audio UltraCap LPS-1.2 linear PSU on the Matrix, and I had high-quality USB (Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy Dual-Conduit) and HDMI (Wireworld Starlight 7) cables in the circuit.

Ultimately, I sold the Matrix, UpTone PSU and PS Audio DS DAC and replaced them with an Auralic Vega G2.

Hi Bootzilla, nice to see you on the other side! I had the same apart from aq mocha instead of ww, maybe that is why mine did not sound as good

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You too, Chris! Any number of things could explain our different experiences with the Matrix including the quality of our AC power, AC power filtration, the existence of RFI in the air, how we were feeding the Aries G2, etc.

Yes absolutely.

The only other thing I would add is that the person to whom I sold the Matrix and UpTone PSU is using them between an Aries G2 and a DS Sr. and he reported to me that he found an improvement versus running the Aries G2 via USB directly to the DS Sr.

It seems this is system-specific, so it is impossible to know whether the OP would benefit from adding a Matrix to his system.

Please think about this discussion. While all manufacturers use CAD to create the shortest possible connections between the different components of their electronics and painstakingly test usb boards and software to assure minimal distortion and stability. We are talking of equipment from Auralic and PS Audio that cost thousands of dollars/euros. Both brands have dedicated USB ports that ensures the highest possible resolution and DSD compatibility.
Now we are introducing an extra piece of equipment with a switched power unit and again 2 cables to connect everything. With there own distortion, resistance and opportunity to act as an antenna for external electric distortion.
Cables, no matter how expensive, are always an unwanted necessity to connect components. Robert Harley, editor of The Absolute Sound, described the cable polygraph as “illuminating insight into exactly how each cable affects the sound”.
I think the odds are that such a device would not improve SQ

KISS KISS KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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If I took that approach, I wouldn’t have bought an Aries, and just plugged my pc into my dac, like I did. but buying an addition piece of kit (Aries) and putting in the path between my pc and dac has improved sound quality. That is the point.


There is a thread on the PS Audio forum with 2,800+ posts, a large number of which sing the praises of using a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 digital-to-digital converter to convert USB to I2S before feeding a PS Audio DirectStream DAC.

The Auralic DACs do not have I2S inputs, so the PS Audio forum discussion is not relevant to Auralic DAC owners. But the suggestion that “the odds are that such a device would not improve SQ” is belied by literally hundreds of happy Matrix users on the PS Audio forum.

You’re right of course but it sounds like an “over-tweak”.

The only way to know is…