Aries G2 out of stock in the Netherlands


Hello, since December 2018 the Aries G2 is out of stock in the Netherlands. Can there be any information on when new supply can be expected?
KR, Edwin



Yes, the same for me here in Sweden… Also wating on my Aries G2.
Auralic, can you please give us some information.



Same here in the U.S. Also waiting for word from dealer. Word is perhaps it might be related to a supplier change.


Not 100% certain, but I’ve been waiting ages for a Vega G2. Chased my Dealer and he indicated there was a problem with the unity case finish.

However, cant help but feel with all the bugs in the V/A G2’s theres something else afoot and Ive made a an error in judgement with Auralic?

Hope it is not so?


I hope this is not the case, expecting the best quality and reliability regarding the G2 range considering the high price!

Have tried to get information from my dealer, but they do not seem to know why delivery is delayed …

I hope Auralic can be completely honest and transparent why there is a delay, and if there is any quality issues.


This really should have been addressed by Auralic by now. Watching this thread for an official answer while I can still return and cancel my orders. If dealers are stating the shortage is due to a problem with the actual product… oh boy.


The Unity Chassis supplier is having labor shortage after Chinese New Year holiday as a lot of worker returned home holiday then did not come back. This is pretty common in China every year so we usually built-up inventory back to November and December to cover February March. However this year’s situation is different, we have much more orders in November and December so the inventory did not built-up well and the worker shortage is the worst since 1990. Currently we only started to deliver order back to December so it has long time to catch everything.


Hello Xuanqian, thanks for answering and I really hope you can catch up soon in decent numbers.
Kind regards, Edwin


Thank you for answering. I ordered and paid my Arius G2 in December 2018.
However it’s not clear from your answer whether the Unity Chassis workforce is up and running again.
If not I’m looking at another few months up until a year of waiting.
Can you clarify on this please?
Thanks for making such a wonderful product.


Hi Pietro:

Normally the inventory will ramp up by April/May but we actually did not fall into shortage back to December last year. It is important to know what dealer was doing by that time…


Uh, They have a lot of them in backorder since that time.
Does that mean they’re on their way?
Can you check that for us?


As of today I’m waiting for my Arius G2 for exactly 3 MONTHS!!
Just saying. It’s excruciating…