Aries G2 or Leo Gx?


I come for an advice …
what do you think would be the best buy, for the n’est sound :

Aries G2 + Vega G2
Vega G2 + Leo GX


thank you !


Definitely the VEGA/LEO. The ARIES adds very slight sound quality improvement, if any, to the VEGA by doing some of the processing for the VEGA. The LEO makes a very noticible difference. It is what I have and am very happy with it.

The ARIES G2 does add bluetooth and wifi, but I just use an external BT receiver that connects to VEGA via TOSLINK and use a direct ethernet connection to the VEGA. These two things keep radios out of the VEGA chassis.

The ARIES will also have the capability of adding parameters for room correction when that firmware is finished. The VEGA evidently does not have the capacity to add that.


wow wow wow

$ 4000
4200 €
for a streamer
which is only SLIGHTLY better with vega g2
and promise a room correction firmware not yet finalized (for two years !!!)

it’s very very very very very very expensive !!!

so okay for leo + vega

but, honestly, I do not find the g2 serie very consistent and raises some misunderstanding.

  • streamer parts of vega and aries duplicate
  • the leo is only compatible with vega g2
  • the merak is no longer produced and is not replaced
  • the prices are either very low (the mini) or very high (7500 for leo and sirius will be even more expensive …)
  • the price of a single cable lightning link is really huge

I love enormously auralic, the products are technically excellent BUT I find that strategic choices and marketing are very stranges: the consumer is necessarily lost.


I don’t find things so strange. Granted, development is promised and takes a very long time. Probably a mistake to make promises so early. Most companies don’t do this. AURALiC has developed some very innovative technologies and they are worth it IMO.

Regarding pricing. It looks like they are moving more towards being a higher end company. The mini isn’t produced any longer AFAIK. The lower priced ARIES and ARIES LE are no longer produced. Xuanqian has indicated that they plan to develop new amp(s) to replace the Meraks. But, yes, we may wait a long time to see them.

Agreed that there is a lot of duplication in the ARIES/VEGA streamer functions. I am grateful since I can use the VEGA for streaming and don’t have to spend a lot more for a separate streamer. Many will opt for the ARIES G1/G2 that don’t use an AURALiC DAC, so it makes sense for them since the ARIES G2 is an excellent streamer. I did have one before I obtained the VEGA G2. I used it with a Benchmark DAC3. The VEGA easily outshined the Benchmark and the Benchmark is a Stereophile Class A unit.

The LEO is an add-on enhancement for the VEGA; designed specifically for it. Not an unusual practice for audio companies.

I don’t use Lightning Link, so don’t know that much about the tech. It is basically an HDMI cable though (I think), which means you are not locked into the AURALiC offering for that cable. If you don’t go for high end cables, don’t dish out the extra $1000 for the premium LEO cable either.

Don’t mean to come off as an AURALiC fanboy. Though I am a fan. Just think you are being a bit unfair.


I understand that changes take time.
and I know that Auralic is one of the best audiophile brands in the world.

I am grateful. and the incomprehension that I have is at the height of my admiration for auralic.

but I think that when you spend the price of a car in high-end hi-fi electronics, you can expect perfection, as much in the technical quality (and this is the case for auralic) that in the communication about devices and future products, consistency of series, stability of application, announcement of future improvements, and products replaced as soon as they stop.

I do not think I’m unfair. I am only demanding.

I am a fan of the exceptional quality of auralic electronics. and I will not change.

I just think that this brand could be much better in terms of communication on offers and clarity on the consistency of the series

but this is only my opinion and to be very frank, even like that, auralic is great and I recommend everywhere its products;)


We are in agreement then. I also think they tend to over promise or, at least, promise too soon. And that leads to a lot of grumbling here.

They are a fairly small company from what I can tell. Almost more like a direct internet sales company than one that would have a dealer network. It’s probably a fair assumption that they devote more to engineering than marketing and customer service.


There is a November-only sale at PS Audio. The DirectStream DAC, an outstanding unit with the latest (free) firmware upgrade, is offered for $4000, down from $6000 regular price, direct from the manufacturer.
(I have no financial relationship, I just own a DirectStream and an Aries G1)


It is a very simply answer. If you want more features, add ARIES G2 first. If you use Roon only and want a better sound quality, then add LEO GX. ARIES G2 will improve sound quality with VEGA G2 via Lightning Link as well but it is more obvious when you use Lightning DS, Roon barely benefit from this.


thank you M. Xuanqian
ok for the sound quality
but what additional features brings the Aries G2 when you already have vega g2?


Hi All,
I have the Vega G2 and the Leo Gx. I started with the Vega G2 and went through the same decision process as Matb77, ie buy the Aries or the Leo?
This is not a new question. There is a huge amount of discussion in this forum of the relative benefits of adding Aries vs Leo. For me, SQ is paramount, the VegaG2 streamer is more than adequate, so I bought the Leo; and could not be happier. Sound quality (which was already excellent with the Vega on its own) improved hugely. Truly outstanding.
As regards the cost of units, frankly if you want the best (and there are multiple reviewers who put Auralic products among the best), they are cheap!!


My experience exactly! :headphones:


I would say you wont lose a lot if you just use Roon. If you use Lightning DS or other sources then here are the differences.

1, ARIES G2 supports WiFi while VEGA G2 does not
2, You can plug USB drive on the back of ARIES G2 while VEGA G2 can not. You can also put hard drive inside ARIES G2.
3, Memory cache of VEGA G2 is 32MB comparing to 1GB of ARIES G2, that will make quite some sound quality different when you use Lightning DS
4, There is no processor engine inside VEGA G2 which means you won’t have room EQ (you can invest Sirius processor in the future which is a coming product)
5, There is no AirPlay support on VEGA G2
6, There is no Lightning Server inside VEGA G2 which means you have to use your own DLNA server software (unless you use Roon) and those DLNA software may not have same features of Lightning Server (Browser music library by sampling rate, file type, last import date)


I just got my Leo. It makes a very noticeable improvement. I just listened to one of my favorite songs … wow it was the best I’ve ever heard it.

Tonight is my first night with the Leo. It’s definitly better than Vega by itself.