ARIES G2 Not Recognizing MQA FLAC Files [Solved!]

I bought an MQA CD box set recently (this one), and ripped it to FLAC. I then changed all the FLAC file names to end in “.mqa.flac” instead of “.flac” and stored the renamed files on my Melco N1ZH/1. Roon recognizes these renamed files as MQA-unfoldable to 352.8 kHz (Roon only performs the first MQA unfold, to 88.2 kHz). However, when I stream these same renamed files from the Melco to my ARIES G2 using the Lightning DS iPad app, the files play as garden-variety non-MQA 44.1 kHz files.

The ARIES G2 recognizes MQA files streaming on TIDAL and performs MQA unfolds up to 192 kHz. I am wondering why the ARIES G2 is not picking up the MQA flag on locally stored MQA FLAC files and performing the same sort of unfold that the ARIES G2 performs on TIDAL MQA streams. Thanks.

We look at particular tag inside metadata to enable MQA decoder, if the metadata is missing then it will not be treated as MQA file. I think the ripping software did not add that tag and that’s why it plays as regular flac file.


Hi @Xuanqian and thanks very much for the reply. I ripped the CDs using XLD for Mac. Is there a way I can add the MQA metadata tag to the existing FLAC files? (It is a 13-CD box set, so I am hoping not to have to re-rip it.) Thanks again.

Yes, there are a lot of software that allows you edit the tag manually, for example the mp3tag. I remember some other member in the community use other softwares and they all works well.

Here is a topic on what tag that should be added to the file:

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Thanks, I use mp3tag all the time, but I have never used it to add MQA-related metadata. I will try it this weekend and report back here as to what happens.

This may also be worth investigating, talks about an application that can examine files ripped from CD, determine whether they are MQA and build a sub-folder containing correctly formed MQA files. Files that are not MQA remain unchanged.

Even if you don’t want to use such an application the included pdf guideline might be informative.

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Update/Good News:

Using mp3tag v3.00 for Mac, I batch-edited the 13-CD FLAC file set on my Melco to include these ‘extended’ tags:


Now when using the Lightning DS iPad app, the files play as MQA 352800 kHz.

Thanks, guys.

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Thanks for the update, that’s worth knowing that the two metadata entries are all that’s required.

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Wow. I did not know that MQA encoded CDs were a thing. I also did not know that Tubby Hayes was a thing. I thank you for enlightening me on both counts. I am going to run off now and see if I can stream Tubby Hayes on my G2.

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You are very welcome. Check out “Grits, Beans and Greens” — great late period stuff!