Aries G2 loses connection whilst scanning and then drops of network and freezes

HI All
Below is a support request sent to Auralic
Also the reply
I have been using the G2 for some time without a problem then it all kicked off and I’m at a complete loss as what to do next.
Every other networked attach unit in the house works flawlessly.
Please help if you can

My Aries G2 has started to freeze for the past month
I have reset and rebooted every thing many times to try and resolve issues with no success
Googling the problem has informed me that this is a well known problem
The freezing is on Tidal as well as with my NAS
I am now not able to listen to my music unless I switch the unit off and on at the back. After a short while the problem returns. It also freezes and drops off the network during library scans
I have a Mini which does not have this problem and all other wireless networked devices in the house remain stable and reliable.
I request a very quick solution and or some action under warranty
The set up is
FW 6.1.2
We looked at your machine’s server log and there is no obvious problem at right moment, it is a good news and also bad news. The good news is that the machine may only need a factory reset (erase all user settings) if there is certain option that messed things up. The bad news part is if it does not work well then it may need to go back to factory for a detailed inspection.

I tried the reset
It did not work
The G2 continues to freeze and drop of the network
I have to switch it off and back on from the back as the front button does not work after it fails to scan the library
Thanks for any help in advance.
The router is a TP-Link Archer VR2800 that is next to the G2
The ipad air is the 2
The NAS is Asustor AS5002T in the same room with a TP-Link Archer T4U WiFi dongle

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I think it’s a better idea to connect the NAS to the router with Ethernet instead of WiFi to have better speed and latency.

Did you try to set a up adress for your NAS and G2 in the DHCP configuration of your router ?
Do you use special DNS servers or not ?

As they suggest if the problem keeps on.
Send it back.

Thank you to you both for your prompt reply
I have attached the NAS to the router via ethernet and so far things are stable

Hopefully it will remain so

Best wishes


Make sure apple play and bluetooth are both turned off.

Thanks squarepeg I will
Currently things appear stable
Good community support
Cheers all

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