Aries G2 freezing up

I have both Aries g2 and Vega g2, but recently my Aries g2 usually freezes up several times in one day. It just stops playing music , and has no response to any operation from lightning DS or to the buttons on the unit. I have to reboot the unit to get it worked again. Is there anyone having the same problem? How to fix it?

Some people said it is caused by internal software setting error, they fixed it by use ‘Erase User Settings’ feature on ARIES G2.

Thanks for the reply, Xuanqian.
Actually, I have used ‘erase all user settings’ once before I raised my question on the community. And I erased all user settings again last night. But the freezing up problem still exists. It’s really annoying. My Aries G2 use FW 6.2.1.

Have you tried using a fixed IP address?

This seemed to solve a similar issue for me in the past.


@Sloop-John-B, thanks for the suggestion. Do you mean to disable the DHCP option with Aries G2? I have tried it several times in these days, but the freezing up problem still exists. Thank you anyway.

That’s what I meant yes. Sorry to hear about your problems, I cannot actually remember what eventually solved my issues but I’m pretty sure it was the updated firmware, which I presume you’re on as it’s virtually impossible to avoid updating it.
Ah just reread, indeed you are on this firmware.

Sorry I cannot be more help, have you contacted your dealer, perhaps it’s a hardware issue?


I use Roon only so this is the following advice I gave @Sloop-John-B when he first mentioned the issue.

Fixed IP address and disabling all features not used, like airplay, bluetooth and lightning DS etc. I also use cloudfare DNS.

Turning off Apple play and Bluetooth corrected the issue for me.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I play music from NAS most of the time, and I have tested disabling all the options of AirPlay, Roon, Spotify, Bloothtooth, as well as DHCP, but still seems useless. I just contacted Auralic for further suggestions 2 days ago. Actually I bought the machines directly from Auralic.

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