ARIES G2 - Computeraudiophile CASH award


The review of ARIES G2 from computeraudiophile finally arrived!

Here’s my honest take on the Auralic Aries G2. The Aries G2 is a great reference level digital to digital converter plus so much more. The G2 is beautifully designed and crafted to match a whole series of G2 level components and to equal the quality one should expect from something at the top of the line. In most reviews I listen to music that many people consider un-audiophile. When listening through the Aries G2 I went back to my roots and tapped Diana Krall and Patricia Barber for my music supply. Tracks from these two made judging components somewhat easier than my standard Rage Against The Machine type music. No matter what album or track I played, I heard magic through the Aries G2 and my selection of reference DACs from dCS, EMM Labs, and Berkeley Audio Design. Granted my alternative music recorded in a garage on a shoestring budget wasn’t improved by the Aries G2, but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work. No adding a little sweetener to something dull or memorializing a transient event. The Auralic Aries G2 is definitely C.A.S.H. List worthy. I can’t wait to connect it to the rest of the G2 series.


where are such independent reviews of the Leo? I’ve been waiting…


Since LEO GX can not work as a standalone unit, it has to be reviewed with VEGA G2. You can check out this review:

All other reviews are pretty much in German or Chinese language.


thank you, Xuanqian, and yes I’ve read this one and am therefore familiar. i’ll be honest, what I am looking for is a comparison between your stack and something like dcs Rossini stack or such. I like reviews that COMPARE the reviewed item(s) with other well known and previously reviewed pieces. until I can get to Ciamara in NYC and hear your product, I can only go on comparisons to other high end dacs such as the Rossini, which I’ve heard in my house on my sound system. that dealer lent it to me, as I’ve bought from him before. I know I cannot expect that from your company. although, I HAVE bought your Aries Femto from Ciamara 2-3 years ago…