Aries G2 can not detect my DAC with the DAC USB output


I’ve received my Aries G2 and i can not use the USB output to connect my DAC. I can only choose Aries G2 Digital Outputs, it’s like nothing is coming from USB because my DAC do not provide information about signal or connection.

I’ve testes 2 different USB cables and an another source (my MacBook) and USB input of my DAC works perfectly. I have a Aries Femto that works with my DAC for months now (A total dac d1-core with XMOS USB chip).

Do you have some ideas ? A full reset or reboot (already done and plug unplug the USB cable) ?

hardware or firmware issue ?

I’ve made some tests with other DACS and USB cable and it doesn’t work :frowning: Only the HDD USB port works (with my DAC too but it’s not the purpose of this port …).

So it seems that i’ve a faulty unit at arrival :frowning: After many months of waiting …

I have the same issue with my new Aries G2 .:frowning_face: The USB output would not work with my DAC in my maine system so I use the digital out with my NORDOST coax cable. (The sound however are excellent :slightly_smiling_face: )
I have tried 5 different USB cables and tried two similar DAC´s, but the Aries would not connect to them. I havn´t tried the HDD USB port to the DAC. My 3 year old Aries Femto USB out worked perfect with the same DAC.
I have also tried the Aries G2 USB out on my Chord Mojo head-fi system. The strange thing is that this is working ok…:thinking: I now have a dialog with my dealer and will soon have my Aries G2 tested on their equipment in store but right now I think the Aries G2 USB output are “sensitive” for handshaking with some DAC´s and could work well with some others.

I tested with 2 usb dac too … it’s more than an issue of sensitivity … i plugged back my old aries (which works great) and will decide tomorrow with my dealer if i keep the G2 or not at the end. If i can not use the USB input of my DAC i will ask a refund right away and keep the old aries.

I can not say if the G2 is better than the femto aries because i use aes on G2 vs usb on the femto.

Does Auralic guys have some ideas or the Aries G2 works only with the Vega G2 ? :slight_smile:

@Auralic : Does the USB DAC output of the Aries G2 provides 5V or not to the DAC ?

I can now confirm that also my new Aries G2 playing USB out to my main system DAC only from the HDD USB output . What´s the issue here?? Hope Auralic now can give us a quick answer here…Can I damage anything when using the HDD USB output to my DAC ?? Will the HDD USB out deliver same “full” quality usb signal to my DAC. ??

Hummmm … First AURALiC ARIES G2 - HiFi Choice Five Star Review & Front Cover

The reviewer tested the USB with a Chord Hugo 2 and seems to works … Incompatibility issue with some USB chipset ?


The ARIES G2’s ‘DAC’ USB output has galvanic isolation inside and it is very sensitive to a couple of things. Here is what you need to do to get it work.

1, This port no longer support hot plug, you always need to power off the unit (turn off completely by the switch on the back of the unit) before plug any USB cable. It you plug a USB cable after the device is powered up, the DAC simply wont show up. It is also suggested to switch on the USB DAC before switch on ARIES G2 as I have seen a couple of DAC that wont show up if they were powered on after ARIES G2.

2, The port is sensitive to USB cable quality, sometimes a USB print cable actually work but some fancy ones just wont work (those cables may not fully compliant to USB standard).

By the way, XMOS should absolutely work. All our product use XMOS chip and this is also the device we used to test ARIES G2 before they leave our factory.

Thanks for the fast answer. I found a cable that works. The most badly designed i’ve got in my house, no more than 0.5€ :slight_smile: But it works.

Maybe it can be a good thing to start a list with compatibility and incompatibility issues with USB DAC and cable ?

I will test with the provided USB cable to check if it’s work with it :slight_smile:

So fare my testing :

DAC 1 : Totaldac d1-core

  • Totaldac USB cable --> KO
  • Acoustic Revive USB-1.0PLS --> KO
  • Generic USB cable with shield --> OK

I think that good quality USB cables may have better shielding to EMI. The shielding may add additional capacitance/inductance to the cable and this makes it harder to drive(requires more current).

I’ve now tried 5 different USB cables from 5 Euro to 500 Euro an no sound from Aries G2 USB output to my DAC. But I have sound out fro the USB HDD output on the Aries G2 . What 's the differense here?
I’m also do a total power off on the back of the Aries G2 every time I change USB cables.

It seems to be a lottery here …

This one works : Simple clear usb cable, apparent shield and plastic plugs.

My old Aries Femto has worked perfect with 3 different USB DAc’s for almost three years. I have also used 3 different USB cables without any problems.

Now with my new Aries G2 I have to search and maybe if I’m lucky to find a “cheap” USB cable it will work??
Could this be right for a 4000 Euro product ??

This was not what I had expected when I ordered a new 4000 Euro streamer fro Auralic and I hope for a solution for this USB issue because I really want to keep my new Aries G2 .

+1 and no remote …

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iOS device is a type of remote. Admittedly I’m using ARIES Femto for about a year now and must have used the supplied remote close to a dozen times ( after switching the power off, to turn the unit on, and display off ). Same with ARIES LE and mini. USB stated issue aside remote isn’t a deal breaker

A lot of people are using Universal remote to set ou their system. With the same remote i power on the aries, my dac, my preamp and the amp. And with the same remote i can set the volume of the preamp and the dac. Same thing for power off, one press to power off everything … so not so useless …


The device will work with any 1 meter USB cable that full compliant with USB 2.0 High-Speed standard. Dont blame us if an so called audiophile cable wont work. We build device according to the standard…The USB print cable that you can get from BestBuy should work without issue.

PS: We have added USB cable in ARIES G2’s package from 2nd shipment. If you get the first shipment, please PM me with your full shipping information, we can send you the cable as well.

G2 has SmartIR function, grab your own remote and let G2 learn the button.

So basically, before you didn’t respect the USB 2.0 standard like many of your competitors :slight_smile: Galvanic isolation is one thing (useful, really ?), but sacrifice so much compatibility for a so “great improvement” ? Does it make sense ?

So basically, a basic USB cable will sound the same than a a good one with the Aries G2. So the quality of the cable doesn’t matter anymore now with the G2 ?

Ok so i choose my remote TV and assign IR code to the Aries G2. And you think that i will not interfere … I do not have spare remote that i do not use …