Aries G2 as Roon Server



I’ve been using a Sonic Transporter i7 as my storage/Ethernet streaming/Roon server device for a few years. Simple, reliable, great tech support. But I was hoping an Aries G2 could provide a big upgrade in SQ. So I was about to buy an Aries G2. But now I’m seeing cautionary notes that “Aries G2 can’t be used as a Roon Server” and “the SSD for storage shouldn’t be mounted in the Aries G2.” Now I am confused. Can the Aries G2 handle storage (SSD) and Ethernet streaming to my DAC and act as my Roon server, like my Sonic Transporter i7 has been doing? Thank you!!


ARIES G2 is not a Roon Core server. If you use Roon, the storage should always be on the same machine that Roon Core server is running or on professional NAS drive. Put storage inside ARIES G2 then run Roon Core server on the other device and run ARIES G2 as Roon Endpoint will only result in massive network traffic and reduce the sound quality: Roon Core server get data from ARIES G2, decode then send back to ARIES G2.


Thank you for the super-fast reply! If I put the storage with the Roon Core (my IMac), what can I expect to hear by way of SQ upgrade over my
Sonic Transporter, which currently “does it all”?


The Roon core can be installed on your iMac, wired / ethernet from your router. You can read a lot on about this issue on
I personally use a brand new 2019 Mac Mini just for handling the Roon core and a fast SSD remote disk wired to the Mac Mini with USB-C for my own music library used by Roon. The Mac Mini/remote SSD disk are wired/ethernet to my router and are only beeing used for the Roon handling. The signal from my router using fast wi-fi to all my Roon endpoints in my house.
My main source Aries G2 are producing superb sound without any hick-ups set up as a Roon endpoint (RAAT) also wih all my hi-rez music files. The Aries G2 are connected with usb out to Kii Control (digital preamp/dac handling) and goes digital into my Kii Three active speakers with built in dacs and DSP.
I also have my music library on a NAS which are used as a Lightning server to the Aries G2 if I’m not using Roon but with the new Aries G2 software 6.0 I now prefer using Roon also to my Aries G2.
I can highly recommend the Aries G2 as a Roon Endpoint.


Thank you, atletico! Very helpful. I’m thinking now about a Synology NAS unit to house my music files, leaving the Core on my Imac, and using an Aries G2 as the Roon Endpoint. Man, this stuff is COMPLICATED! The nice thing about the Sonic Transporter is that it’s . . . simple.


You can also install the Roon core on your Synology and save the cost, space, and complication of another box. However, unless your NAS has a powerful processor, the Roon UI might not be the snappiest. And the more DSP you use, the more processing power you need. You would probably be fine with Core on NAS if you are not using DSP within Roon. If you want Roon to upsample, you will definitely need CPU power though.

I run a SonicTransporter i7 and upsample to DSD512 (which sounds better to my ears than no upsampling, ie, letting my VEGA G2 do the work). I first had a STi5 and it did not have enough power to do this max upsampling. It did DSD256 ok.

My advice: keep your i7 as it really does the job. I don’t think you would improve the sound quality with a different arrangement. Theoretically, maybe, if the ARIES could act as core, but it can’t. Make sure you have the lowest noise network connections to your streamer/bridge. You can get a linear power supply for the i7, but it is controversial whether or not that will really help reduce the noise in the signal at its destination.

You will also get much more specific Roon advice over on the Roon forum. They even have an AURALiC sub-section.


Thank you, Pete!


But … what function would the Sonic Transporter serve going forward if I obtain a Synology NAS for storage? Sorry to ask such a newbie question.


Sorry, I thought you already had a NAS. Storing your files in the i7?

But, to answer your question, the i7 would still be the core. The NAS would be for file storage and all the other functions it can offer (storage of much larger video files, access to your files from remote locations, security camera, backups of your music and computer files, etc., etc.)

I don’t know the answer about whether or not there would be SQ difference storing music files in the i7 or separately (like in a NAS).

I have my music files in a Synology NAS, but I also have a pretty large video collection and had the NAS before Roon.


Many thanks to all who offered advice – helpful & fast & greatly appreciated! I’ve figured out what I need to do next.


An use wifi with the Aries, with this, no more issue with ethernet network electrical noise :slight_smile:
You can keep the storage on the i7 too.

The main advantage of the NAS is that is already stuffed with backup software for your music and handle different kind of storage (music, photos, videos etc …). You can download photos from your phone automatically to your NAS, decide which will be backup etc … You have many application to stream videos etc … And it’s easier to upgrade the storage.

A piece of advice, take a 4 bays directly. With a 2 bays, you will have to replace 2 disks each time you need storage …
With a 4 bays, you can start with 2 disks in RAID 1. For eg, with Z HDD of 3TB, you will have 3TB.
If you need more, you can add a third disk, migrate to RAID 5 and have 6TB of storage. Add a fourth disk and, boom 9TB … You can put a larger disk, but depending of the size you will not be able to use all the space in it (choose a SHR RAID to be sure).

A calculator is here :

Just to serve music with a SMB share, a Synology DS418J is a very good choice at a very good price.
You do not need a DS918+ or more … With a DS418J you can go to the Gigabit limit … Overkill for just audio streaming … A DSD512 stream is only 44.8Mb/s … and the DS418J handle 1000Mb/s …
Even with a modern wifi, it’s a peace of cake. My Aries G2 connect to my Wifi outer at 866Mb/s … I can reach more that 500Mb/s with my MacBook Pro (2013 model !!!) with 802.11ac Wifi (Airport Time Capsule) :slight_smile:


Thank you!!