Aries G1 Won't Start Using Remote

Since I first purchased the Aries G1, I have used a Harmony remote to turn it on as well as my preamp and amplifier (the DAC is always on). About ten days or so ago, I tried to turn the Aries on with the same remote and the preamp and amp turned on but not the Aries. I used the Help button on the Harmony to resend the commands several times, but the Aries refused to turn on. I thought perhaps this was similar to the Turn Off issue where even the buttons wouldn’t respond, so I went over and pushed the ON button on the Aries. It worked just fine. The next time I tried to use the Aries, the same thing happened; it would only turn on using the front button. So I got the original remote I had used to program the button (a Sony device) and first cleared the programming and then reprogrammed the Aries ON command. It indicated the programming was successful, but when I tried it, it still did not work. So I went and got the original Sony remote and pointed it directly at the Aries and it still would not turn on. Strangely enough, the same command from the Harmony remote works just fine in turning the Aries OFF, but will not work to turn it on, either using the Harmony or the Sony remote control. Has anyone else had this change in behavior using a remote?

You can try to use the last option to erase all button mapping then try again. Maybe there is something wrong with other button ARIES G1 has learned.

In my short experience with the Auralic products, it seems like the mapping is sensitive to button press duration. Make sure when programming the mapping, there is a slight pause in pushing the buttons when the unit is learning to make sure the remote sends a solid signal. Hard to put into words.

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Thank you for your suggestion; I will give it a try. However, the thing that is puzzling about this issue is that the remote turn on programming has worked perfectly since shortly after I purchased the unit up until about ten days or so ago. The Harmony remote is the same unit sending the same codes to the Aries G1, so I don’t see why it would suddenly stop responding. Also, I tried using the original Sony remote whose code I had used to program the Aries and it did not work either. It seems to me that something in the Aries changed, similar to the turn off issue, which I also experienced.

Although I have minimal experience with the G1 (I assume the mapping code is the same as my Vega G1) maybe try to reset back to non-discrete on/off codes - clear mapping for the power, then restart by changing back to discrete and remap on and off codes?
other than that, i am not sure

Make sure that the automatic reset of the Aries, for automatic updates, is off. This daily automatic reset may be the cause of the G1 not responding to turn on when you use your remote power-button. I had the same issues with my Aries G1 not responding on the power-on with my Arcam remotecontrol.

I assume that by “automatic reset of the Aries” you mean the setting to automatic Reboot at a certain time each day. Yes, I did have that On, but I turned it off and then tried to use the remote to turn the Aries on and no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though.

OK. I have cleared all remote settings from my Aries G1 and started over. I have tried using four different brands of remote, including the one that came with my Altair and the Aries G1 still will NOT start up using my Harmony universal remote (the same one that worked the entire time I have owned the G1, up until a month or so ago). What is also quite strange is that once I have turned the G1 on manually and then get ready to shut everything down with my universal remote, when I hit the “Off” button on the Harmony the G1 starts to shut down properly and says “Goodbye”, but after a couple of seconds, it reboots itself! So I have to go over and press the Power button on the G1. So it is obvious it is receiving the Off command, but for some weird reason reboots after it is almost shut down. Further, why does the same command not do anything as far as turning the G1 ON? I can even take the original remote I used to program the G1 and use it directly and it doesn’t work either! Any ideas, as I have tried everything I can think of. Do any of you use a universal remote to turn your G1/G2 on and off?

Have you tried to load the AURALIC VEGA remote to the Harmony and let G1 learn it? This should give you the safe option.

I do not own the Vega, just the Aries G1 and Altair. I initially used the Altair remote to program the Harmony and it worked fine for a good period of time, but then stopped working, so I cleared the settings and have tried a Sony remote and Onkyo remote (most recently) which doesn’t work to turn on the Aries and gives the odd behavior when turning off the Aries. How would I load the Vega remote onto the Harmony without getting the Vega?

The ALTAIR remote is the same of VEGA. I think what you can do is to load ALTAIR to the Harmony again, then erase all learned key on ARIES G1 and let it learn Harmony again.

For loading the ALTAIR or VEGA setting to Harmony, you just need to choose it for your Harmony then you still need to program the G1 to learn it

It took several attempts to do this and I ran into an unusual problem while attempting this. I have my Aries G1 in a home theater bypass system hooked up to a McIntosh C47 preamp which is also connected to a Marantz AVR-8805 processor. It turns out that the Power On/Off codes for the Aries and the Marantz are the same, so when I use my universal remote it turns on the Marantz first which automatically puts the McIntosh into the bypass mode, so the Aries sound doesn’t come through the LR front channels. To remedy this, I had to use another brand of remote for the On/Off functions and use the Altair remote codes for everything else. It works fine, but I just thought I would pass this along in case anyone else has Marantz gear in the system with the Aries G1/G2.

This is exact the reason why we create SmartIR technology. Before G series, we use a pre-defined IR code for each particular function and since it is Philips RC-5 standard, it may share same function of other devices. So G series allows you to program with any IR code you want so you can use any IR remote to avoid conflict.

Well, my issue has returned. After working fine with the Harmony remote to turn on/off the Aries G1, I didn’t use it for awhile as I have other systems and other streamers. When I went back to the Aries G1 system the other day after several days absence, the Harmony remote turned on my other components in that system, but not the Auralic. I had to turn it on manually. When I finished listening, the Harmony remote turned off the other components, but not the Aries G1. It is almost like it is “forgetting” the On/Off command I have programmed into the G1. This is very strange behavior. But this is what happened when I first bought the G1; it worked fine with the Harmony remote for a number of months and then one day it stopped working for tunrning On/Off. I have repeated the programming using three or four different remotes to program the Aries, but they either don’t work initially or the Aries forgets the code after a short time. Anyone have any ideas? Could this just be a defect? Yesterday, I reprogrammed the On/Off function again and it worked perfectly to turn the Aries G1 On to begin playing music. When I finished listening, I again used the Harmony remote to turn Off the Aries and it worked fine. Today when I tried using the Harmony remote to turn the Aries and related preamp/power amp On, everything worked fine EXCEPT for the Aries which would not turn on using the remote. So as I stated above, it seems to forget the command after the initial programming, making it useless.