Aries G1 - which new DAC is recommended

Hi there,

I own an Auralic Aries G1 and currently combine it via USB with my Yamaha CD S-3000 as a DAC. I have ROON and listen mainly to Tidal/Qobuz sound files.

It all works fine - as long as I use maximum 192/24 bit music files. But I would like to move up and listen to DSD 64, 128 and so on music files also in the future because I personally believe, that native DSD music (files) sound better.

I thought, when buying a good streaming player like the Aries G1 “only”, I would be able to combine/ upgrade it with a much better DAC later on, but I read for example, that it is not recommended to use an Aries G1 with a Vega G1 ( see Johnny Darko).

What is the best upgrade ? Which (USB) DAC would you all recommend ?

Thanks for your suggestions.

I can only speak for myself. I have an Aries G1. I pair it with the Denafrips Venus. For me it’s a cost effective solution.

Can you provide a link to your (see Johnny Darko)?

I’m using Aries G2 with PS Audio DirectStreamDac. Sounds incredible.

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But of course you can? Their capabilities overlap, though. The Aries is a streamer only while the Vega is DAC with (limited) streaming capabilities.
And you can use your Aries with whatever DAC you fancy, i use mine with a Nagra HD DAC as well as a plethora of other DAC’s. The USB output on the Aries is excellent, as far as USB goes, but the digital outputs also sound really good.

Welcome Jokerit. I think you might get better more applicable replies if you gave us your price range.
I use my G1 with a Chord Qutest sounds wonderful! Only thing it doesn’t do MQA but Auralic have their own version of MQA decoder in the G1… I have one MQA Disc: Wishbone Ash Argus. It a Japanese Platinum SHM disc that sounds amazing… The other Chord products are also fabulous.

Ricky help me out here. My DAC doesn’t do MQA either. Does it matter what the G1 does to MQA if the DAC can’t decode it?

Hi Jaiello,
In LDS there is a selection to allow G1 to use Auralic’s proprietary built in decoder. It will then send it out to your Dac already decoded, best it can. If one has a Dac that can do MQA then the selection would be off… make sense?

I was not aware it worked this way. I will check it out. Thanks.

Is this what you are referring to:

Decoding Method : AURALiC streaming devices are capable of decoding MQA files using AURALiC’s proprietary resampling and de-blurring method. You can select from the sampling rate settings for the process described here. Please note that this process is not an MQA-created or MQA-licensed process. Auto : Your streaming device will detect the best decoding sampling rate based on the information in the MQA file. It will also detect the maximum sampling rate of a USB-connected DAC. 2x Sampling Rate : Your streaming device will always decode MQA files at 88.2 kHz or 96 kHz, depending on the original file’s sampling rate. 4x Sampling Rate : Your streaming device will always decode MQA files at 176.4 kHz or 192 kHz, depending on the original file’s sampling rate. 8x Sampling Rate : Your streaming device will always decode MQA files at 352.8 kHz or 384 kHz, depending on the original file’s sampling rate.

It’s always on if MQA Pass Through is off. So I guess I had it on the entire time.

Yes Sir! I have a Chord Quetest it’ll play anything up to like DSD 512 but it’s not MQA enabled. I use the Auto setting and don’t worry about it. :partying_face:

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What setting do you use in Roon under MQA capabilities?

I don’t use Room.

Hi jaiello,

here is the link to John Darko:

Hope it works,


Hi Ricky,

price range is the same as the Auralic Aries G1 costs - and perhaps a bit more, I would invest in a Vega G2 but does it make sense to connect with an Aries G1 ?

Hi Jaiello,

referring to your question of the setting in Roon, I have started a discussion about it in the Roon Forum. Have a look there…

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@Jokerit. Ok he says he doesn’t think people will buy them together because they won’t have the benefit of the lighting link that the G2 has. That is not the same as saying he does not recommend the two or that they don’t work together. The targeted customers who buy the G1 are people who already have a DAC or they have a streamer and looking to buy an AURALiC but can not afford the G2 lineup.

Keep in mind that you cannot use the Aries as a preamp if using the digital out to an external DAC. You loose hardware volume control.

Absolutely no reason

Chord Hugo or Qutest. PS Audio direct stream theres a few used ones out there