Aries G1 vs. Aries Mini feeding Kii Three - improvement? [Problem solved]

My setting: Synology-NAS -> LAN -> Fritz!Box -> WLan -> Aries Mini (powered by an SBooster) -> USB -> Kii Control -> Kii Three (utilizing Kii’s proprietary DACs).
SQ is better than everything I have heard in decades. Now I wonder if I might achieve further improvement by replacing my Aries Mini with an Aries G1. Unfortunately this upgrade would set me back 2k€ and I’m unsure concerning the importance of the streaming bridge in my setting. On their website Kii state:

All digital inputs are re-sampled and reclocked using Kii’s own jitter rejection algorithm that guarantees actual “bits is bits” audio performance for any digital source.”

IMO this implicates that (mainly) Kii does the job and the streaming bridge is less (or ir-)relevant. Anyone here who has made a comparison in this specific setting? Any thoughts / suggestions?


good to know. Thanks for the info.

Hi Robin,

It was my understanding when reading up on the Kii’s that the design was such it minimised the influence of the signal devices, in other words it sort of levelled the playing field.

You could confirm if that is so by aiming your question at Kii Audio, who better to give you the low down than their design team/tech support.

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No, I don’t want to place them in a dilemma, finally they have to be considerate of their dealers. The proof is in the pudding, therefore I’ll ask my HiFi-dealer for an Aries G1/G2 for a home demo and try not to get positively biased, but trust my own ears instead. As good things take time I’ll procrastinate the test until next year when everything will have calmed down a bit. Until then I’ll enjoy the anticipation, (one of) the greatest of all pleasures :smiley:


I‘ve done it. Found a dealer who offered the Aries G1 for only 1999€. I can resist anything - except temptation. Furthermore, sooner or later the Euro will crash and I’ll be happy to have invested some of it reasonably. It’s too bad, that I‘ll have to wait a week or so for my new toy. Had I ordered yesterday I would have got it at once :frowning:
Anyhow, when I‘ll have audited my new catch I‘ll drop you a line.

Hi Robin,

Don’t take this the wrong way, but you do make me smile, less than 24Hrs you were all for taking it easy, no rush, the new year will be soon enough :wink:

Now it’s on its way :grin:

But joking aside, must admit I’ll be interested on what you think about the G1, the sound quality difference is just one aspect, you should also appreciate what the device has to offer with regards to ergonomics and the display and hence easier setup (I did anyhow with the Altair).

For example, to join a WiFi network you no longer need to create a direct link with the iDevice, instead just use the front display and enter WiFi password once you have selected the appropriate network with the volume control.

The problem is, can you really wait a week, or will the temptation be too much and you’ll find yourself going on a day trip :wink:

Life is too short for „later“.

I’m still smiling, this time it’s because Doug the Pug might have the same philosophy, but with FOOD, he eats like there’s no tomorrow.

Trying to educate him in the old saying, “everything in moderation”, don’t believe he’s interested thought!

Reminds me of my late Maya The Brave.

She wouldn’t have stored even the least crumble of food because she feared that it would be lost in case an earthquake occurred (what never happened in her lifetime).


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She looks really relaxed and content just sitting next to you, never ceases to amaze how much happiness they get out of the simplest of activities, Doug’s next to me at the moment as I type listening to a little Prokofiev, totally content with life (helped by the fact it’s approaching dinner time).

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So cute :heart_eyes:

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Hi Robin,

I’m very interested to hear about your results, hopefully the G1 is about to arrive!


I couldn‘t control my impatience and called the merchant today. He raised my hope that it won’t be long… :thinking:


P.S. Of course I‘ll test the G1 with my head-fi set too. Perhaps I‘ll need to have a second Aries G1… Wait and see :upside_down_face:

Hi Robin,
I´m also very interested in the results of your comparison. I use an Aries Femto directly connected to the Kii Control and then Kii three. My experience shows that even usb cables make a difference in soundstage and accuracy (not only the ridiculously expensive ones). So let´s see…

It’s interesting that the Münster merchant raised the price of Aries G1 from only 1.999€ to the regular price of 2.199€ last midnight of our local time. So the promotion period seems to be over. Obviously I had luck to order in time.



I’ve been running the Kii Three for 3.5 years to my complete satisfaction. I own the Aries G2, the Aries Mini and the Altair G1. In the past I owned the Aries Femto (with SBooster PSU and Ultra Filter) and the Altair.

From my experience I can say that the digital data is not only about the correct transmission of all 0 and 1. Any cheap streamer can do that. Also the clean power supply makes a significant difference and even the placement of the device (feet, sylomer etc.).

The Kii Three (and also my headphone system) make this audible. So I’m sure that replacing the Aries Mini with an Aries G1 at komadori will be a step forward in sound quality.

Best regards

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He probably saw on this forum you were considering a second G1 so raised the price to get a few more €’s out of you, if you do go for the second unit I’d be tempted to ask for a discount on the basis of loyal custom :wink:

The interesting question though is if the G1 gives an appreciable increase in sound quality, what could a G2 do for the Kii’s :grin:

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You suss me :rofl: