Aries G1 stability issues



Currently running beta firmware, v6.0.beta2. I’ve experienced a couple of issues recently-

  1. When I power my Aries back on, it gets stuck in a state of saying “Aries starting…”. Lightning DS can’t see the device. Sometimes I can access the admin web console over the network, but the pages don’t load fully. I have been unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in to get around this.

  2. The Aries just froze whilst playing a track (from local NAS) and I had to unplug the power cable to get it to reset itself.

Please advise what I should do.

Thanks a lot.



Thanks for the feedback, we will check out the problem and make any required update in the future. Meanwhile I suggest you leave the beta group and see if 5.7 firmware is more stable.


Ok, thanks. Could you please explain how I choose to downgrade to the stable release? I can’t find it.


Happened again this morning btw- Aries completely froze, so I had to unplug to get it to reset.


Have a look at the very bottom of this page;


Great, thank you!

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@Xuanqian I’ve been running 5.7 on my Aries for the last week, rather than the 6.0 beta, but still having issues with it getting stuck showing “ARIES STARTING…”, and not showing up to Lightning DS, or over the local network, without me unplugging the power cable for a while.

Has anyone else reported this problem? If not, could it be a hardware fault rather than a software issue?



I have an Aries le on firmware 5.7. Since a couple of days the Aries freezes often and can only be reset by unplugging it. I play music from Qobuz and Synology NAS. It happens with both sources. A half year ago my Aries was serviced by replacing the WiFi module. Before it was serviced I had the same problem and after it functioned well until last week. The only thing I have changed is the cable to my DAC. Was coax and now AES/EBU.


Most of the problem of ARIES so far as we know fall into Intel’s WiFi module’s defect, it will cause the device not able to start.


Does that include the G1? I have the problem with the G1.


Both when upgrading from 5.6 to 5.7 and today to 6.0 Beta 2 my G1 froze with the display saying “Loading” and then absolutely nothing happened. Having learnt never to interrupt a firmware upgrade I was at a loss and after an hour, when this first happened, I decided to contact my dealer. He said a firmware update should be much faster and recommended that I try switching the player off and on with the power button. Today I gave it 20 minutes before repeating the procedure. On both occasions the new firmware had been loaded and everything was fine.


@Xuanqian I would just like to flag that I am still having these problems. (On both 5.7 and 6.0beta2 on my G1 Aries.)

Are Auralic working on any kind of a fix? Not sure what you mean by “Intel’s WiFi module defect”. Is that a hardware issue? In which case I’ll need to return my device for repair before the warranty has expired.

Thanks for your guidance.


The intel WiFi hardware issue is only related to the original Aries. The G1 does not have THIS issue. So it must be sth else. I send mine in to the distributor. Will report if anything changed / the unacceptable instability has gone.


Thanks @ole


Guys, my G1 is back and the solution dir me is to connect it to a nearby 5GHz WiFi. Not the 2,4 where it has to fight with about 20 different toys into the network. Works flawless now. Always there, fast and very well sounding.

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Hi there

My Aries G1 with 6.0 beta 3 did not start smoothly this morning. The screen was blocked on ARIES prior the loading bar displays. I had to reboot it 3 times (power off and then on) before the loading bar appears. The device is wired connected.

Any reason why and suggestion to get rid of this ?



What do you mean for ‘screen was blocked’?



When I start the Aries G1 (power on), there are several screens that are displayed step by step: 1) Auralic, 2) Auralic + loading bar, 3) Auralic + starting apps and then 4) Auralic + ip adress and ready status.

When I started my device this WE, it was blocked on the 1st screen i.e. nothing more happened after several minutes than the display of the Auralic logo.

At the second power off/on, same situation.

At the third power off/on, the device started normally.

Clear for you ?


It is normally, next time when it start at AURALIC logo (without loading bar), turn it off, wait for 20 seconds then restart. It is the bootloader checksum which do not pass, it happen when there is a power supply surge during the very first boot stage that the device will not start to prevent future damage.


My G1 has an annoying problem at times. Without warning it stops playing, Lightning DS says “No device” and a soft shutdown is not possible. The only remedy is to switch it off completely. It has happened six or seven times this year, both when playing tracks from Tidal and from a USB hard drive. It is currently on beta 3 with the equaliser active, but I think it happened with 5.6 and 5.7 as well, though I am not sure.

The network setup: Ethernet cable connected to a D-link range extender, fed wirelessly from an Airport Extreme.

I assume that a malfunctioning cable could be the culprit, but in that case the problem should be more frequent.