Aries G1 is SOLD


I love the Aries G1, but must sell. This has been used for about 10 weeks, and is in as-new perfect condition.
Asking $1750 firm plus UPS shipping. Ships in original packing from Oregon to US addresses only.

(Now sold and shipped.)

For those who asked, the G1 sounded excellent, but two issues were deal-breakers for me: it won’t accept playlists of more than 999 tracks, and Shuffle repeats the same sequence every time - it’s not remotely random. If it weren’t for these issues, I’d not be selling it. I asked Xuanqian about these, and he was not interested in addressing them, so….


Looking forward to receiving it :slight_smile:

The couple issues you addressed, specifically the random shuffle issue, is reason enough to use roon. I had hoped to maybe wean myself away from roon altogether (after my subscription ends next year), but if shuffle/random sucks on the G1…I’ll likely stay with roon.

Can I ask, what are you replacing the G1 with?


I use a PS Audio Directstream DAC with their Ethernet bridge. Plays from Roon or BubbleUPnP or other DLNA SW.

With the Auralic, you can play (sent in realtime from the core) from Roon or BubbleUPnP, or use BubbleDS where the G1 plays the playlist from its large buffer, like LightningDS, and like LDS, is also limited to 999 tracks/playlist.

Auralic’s solution to Shuffle randomization is to start shuffling by the user picking different first tracks to shuffle from.

In my view, my showstopper issues are hangover limitations from earlier Aries’ which could certainly be addressed now that the Aries has lots of memory and a faster processor, but apparently these issues are not going to change.


The shuffling issue is baffling. That should be a priority to fix as it’s so easy to implement. Apparently the Aries is a nonstarter for me as well…


@OldRick This could be a downfall of a CEO as Product Manager. While it’s admirable he responds to almost all support issue and is active on the boards, something is missing. Either the software team is under powered or poorly managed. There are two things that can be done, run client side caching on the device running the application (iPhone), or server side.

I personally believe, as from seeing this in my past experiences, the focus is too much on the hardware. In other words, the streamer as the client doing all the heavy lifting. Rather, the streamer as an end point and gateway source, with the App and/or server lifting all/most of the weight. There is more to it, but basically what makes the UX poor (really just could be a lot better) on the Aries are limitations of the hardware as a direct result of relying on the hardware to perform tasks better suited for the back end software application.