Aries G1 Impressions


I got a bit curious about whether your assumptions were correct so i had to perform a couple of tests myself. :slight_smile:

My Aries G1 buffers the complete song and plays it to the end when internet access is revoked, regardless of the connection type. When the next track in queue is about to start the display notifies that there is somehing wrong with connectivity.
Tested using Tidal and Qobuz, controlled by Lightning DS app on iOS.


I’m impressed by the insight into the development prios and business model of Auralic? Seriously, this is not up to customers to decide, thats a choice for us to make whether it meets your standards.

Wholly agree! These could do with a better “back”-function/button

Like you i enjoy very high quality audio from my G1, but i don’t have any of the issues you mention. I mostly play from local library though, but regularly also play Qobuz and Tidal, no Spotify.

Whats this about? Never seen anything like it?

Good suggestion, saw it elsewhere also!


I’ve been beginning to think something is wrong with my device. Like I’ve said, this is the only streamer I have that drops.


I’d deffo make contact with your vendor? Seems very strange…


Proud new Aries G1 owner. Just set it up. Setup went well with the app, well designed experience, including the WiFi network switching which can be tricky. Already sounds very nice. For now using wired Ethernet, my wireless network could not handle the qobuz high resolution stream well, I have to upgrade the standard router from the telecom provider. Also for now just plugged in a music library on a 128GB USB key in the back. I think I’ll explore a NAS because some of the USB files sound a bit harsh. Output goes to my Benchmark DAC3 through coax for now, will play with USB down the road to see if it makes a difference. By the way the physical quality of the G1 is impressive, built like a tank. I know it’s all about the sound, but a high quality case gives me the comfort I got a high end device for my dollars. Greetings to my fellow G1 owners.


It is actually two stories. The DNS only affect when you play TIDAL (for Internet connection) while the reason device drop from network is inside home network. The device will still drop even you have 10G Internet connection if the in LAN package policy is not probably handled.