Aries G1 Impressions


There are some really nice things to like about the Aries G1. However, there are also many things about the Aries G1 that need improvement.

The sound quality for Tidal, my main means of use for the G1, is great. Upscaling makes noticeable improvements, to a point. I’ve had good success doubling the FLAC bit rates, anything more just doesn’t work for me/my set up.

Spotify, I’m guessing using Spotify Connect, is terrible. the sound level is maybe 25% of Tidal. It’s lower than my phone stage. This is unacceptable. This alone is leading me to think about returning the device. A $35 CCA will out perform streaming Spotify on the Aries G1.

The USB DAC is the best connect I have. It’s much better in my system vs optical, the only other connection I’ve tried. With that said, the G1 wired via optical in my system plays on par, sound quality wise, with the Chromecast. I did repeated A/B testing. Thank goodness the USB improved the sound quality.

Build quality is also great. WiFi antennae are a bit old school tho. This device should come with a remote for the price and with the amount of bugs it needs one! Sorry but my McIntosh and DAC both came with remotes, I’m not buying one. If you want to play with the big boys then you have to show the same class.

I’m not huge on the finish. I like it and then I hate it. How do you wipe this down without leaving lint or streaks?

I have my concerns about the screen. Is it going to suffer from burn-in? The auto shut off happens way too quick – just turn off when no music is playing, after a few minutes. Not while it’s playing. Although, this can be convenient late night. Regardless, there needs to be a smarter method, you have the App so just build it in. I would have put a power indicator LED on this for when the display is powered off you can tell it’s on.

With the amount of bugs this device has, I suggest Auralic to start reading up on the Spotify Development model. There should be no reason you cannot turn out FW updates within a week or two max from a bug report.

WiFi streaming, as this device is billed, is close to unusable. I have good bandwidth, clear signal, all coming from a router listed in the recommenced list. Yet, this Aries G1 drops signal nonstop. And what this does, is starts the song over. I could maybe deal with it, prolly not for long tho, if it at least started playing from where it dropped. I was making some food, and I had to skip to the next song after it started it over about 6 times after drops from random spots during the stream.

I like and dislike the Lighting App. Personally I think it should just be hardware control app. Upscale, settings, etc. Mobile apps should always have a main nav in the corner. But the LDS isn’t like most single page applications. You have to close this window, back out of the last 3 you where just in, and if you have searched for a bunch of music, forget it, you’ll be hitting cancel for a while. Therefore, both Spotify and Tidal apps are better UX/UI and I would rather use those.

LDS does give access to Masters, thats a plus over the Tidal app. Again upscaling is useful and helps. But it is clear the full API support isn’t there and this will always make LDS one step behind the streaming app’s you nest inside of it. LDS is fast and responsive, so a plus there.

Dark Mode, LDS keeps my phone awake, and because it’s white, it drains my battery quickly. Again, poor development design.

I’m obviously not in what a user of a G2 is in, but I’m still in some money here. I think this product has some potential but it’s just not there. I can’t help but feel the software team needs a new Product Manager, development model, or something. I know I read about room correction, which has yet to how up(?), so I don’t know if that is bogging down the team, but a good developer can bust out a bug fix and FW release in 2-3 weeks max. FYI I have experience here.

Again, I like the device, I’m getting good ‘analog’ quality sound and “blacks” I think most people call it. I can enjoy this device, but only if and for the time it plays without issue.

Oh and please stop asking me to log into the app every time I open it! ; )


One note, the connection to the DAC – whatever it may be AES, USB, TOS or Coax, is not to be confused for a G1 related pro/con. It’s the DAC and what it handles best, and for my setup it’s USB. - Just wanted to note that so anyone unaware of what I was getting at wasn’t thinking this was a limitation of the G1.



Some thougts too :

Dark mode : good idea !

Multiple back to go to main menu after search : +1 ! Sometimes it’s very annoying

Spotify : I think Spotify is not letting people using official API if you ate not paying for that

Tidal : Not sure that Tidal (or Qobuz) let the access to the full APIand features

Wifi : no issues with my Aries G2. Never had a single drop, even with my Aries Femto

LDS is not so bad if you consider that you can manage all your music in it (stored in a nas, an usb drive, tidal, qobuz …). It’s not so easy to do, and the other brand do not have that (aurender and dcs have it). You have a lot of stuff on rpi but i’m not o huge fan of the UI


Did you try that ?


@deuch Thank you, I’ve configured this and I’m evaluating the performance.

Yesterday I configured the Aries to auto reboot (feature inside of LDS). The unit was frozen when I tried to connect this morning, which required a manual power cycle. This happened the other day as well, for different reasons, which required a ethernet connection to boot up. certainly a bug here.

Resuming playback - If for whatever reason the device does not have a battery to power the flash in a power outage the App needs to support this. Pick up where the song dropped at. If you drop WiFi, the song starts over, this is poor. If you power down, you have to begin everything again. So if you spent time creating a song queue and a power outage happens, good luck, it’s all gone. How does something like this get skipped?

Is there anywhere to see a list of known bugs, feature request and whats being worked on? I think the premium you pay for a device should come with some transparency as to whats being worked on or not, whats seen as a feature and whats seen as a bug. Is there a user voice site?


I can lock up the G2 in a second, to the point where it needs a power-cycle to recover.
While playing a Qobuz playlist on BubbleUPnP, I elect to play a radio station instead. It sometime works with low-rez stations, but if I select the Linn Jazz station, that’s all she wrote.

I can also lock up the G2 with their amazingly flaky wifi connection, which drops out randomly, and requires running the stupid Setup Device sequence to recover.

My G2 is turning out to be a very flaky device even if it is wired instead of wireless. Tonight I tried to switch it from wireless to wired, and it took a dozen tries and ten minutes to make the switch.


Hum, strange. I just switched from wireless to wired in 10 seconds and no issue with my Aries G1. During the switch, Ethernet câble was already in place. I did not had any issue with wireless using Lighting DS, but Roon was often loosing its connection. I moved to wired and everything is stable now.

FYI, I am using the firmware 6 beta 2.


If you care about your queue, save it as a playlist.
How often do you have power outages where you live? This sounds like a strange request to spend developer time on…


@AlfaGTV The point is to show the backwards process of the App reading the hardware and not utilizing the onboard flash or cache on your phone/tablet. Also if you run your eye down the support section of the site, many people are either having to reboot or their units are freezing or powering down. In regards to spending dev time on it, again it’s about developing in either client side cache or moving some data into the flash. Once this happens much more can be developed into the App UI.


I thought you sold your Aries?


I’m still putting in more time on the public gateway @deuch, Yesterday I believe was the 1st time I made it through an entire album. I switched my router to, things didn’t get much better, I’ve since switched the Aries as well. I’ll be listening more today.

Is there an error log stored anywhere?

UPDATE: Scratch that, still dropping and starting the song over… This is so poor…


Did you put and only on LDS for the Aries G1 ?

Try to not put it in your router at the first place. Only for the Aries G1


If the device drop from Lightning DS frequently, it is the WiFi network that can not pass UDP multicast and broadcast among home WiFi without drop out. This happened with complicated network setup (with a lot of switches) and some switches with manage feature that blocked those package. Some routers also have firmware issue like Linksys, ASUS, but they fixed the problem a couple of years ago.


@deuch is also a public DNS typically with better performance than Googles. All we are doing by doing this is grabbing data from a more robust network of servers, and hopefully closer.

While I’m still dropping it has gotten better. So there is something to be said there. However, Tidal to my Shield and CCA do not drop, ever. I believe they use however. Certainly will give this go.

My question to @Xuanqian is if you know WiFi has issue natively, why wouldn’t this be addressed in engineering? Basically, wouldn’t you say to the team - WiFi and networking in general could be harmful to our user experience, so let’s do some advanced loading/buffering and caching.

Here’s an example. When streaming TV it typically “buffers” video content prior to the stream. If the network drops, in this example, the video will continue to play until that packet of data has completely been rendered. If the network drops you might not even notice because of this.

I opened my traffic monitor and streamed a song Via Tidal on my iPhone to the CCA and it was a continuous stream of data. Then I played the same song via LDS and it was a single spike. Additionally, the CCA stream via Tidal pulled down at peak 3000KB/s (+7000KB/s) more than LDS (4000KB/s). For whatever this is worth, there is two different methodologies taking place. I can see the same thing via Spotify to CAA, it’s ripping down continuous packets.

Just a note, while writing this a song dropped and started over.


I feel at this point it’s safe to say the WiFi and or method of streaming on the Auralic Aries G1 is flawed. No public DNS has helped resolve streaming drops.


I had a Aries femto and a now an aries G2 in wireless and do not have issue with Tidal with both devices, Never.

Wireless or with cable, no pause or drop. I’m not using beta firmware and i’m in France with a fiber internet connection (1gbs). Wifi is served by an Apple Time Capsule.


That would be untrue, to say the least. Both my Aries’s (a Femto and a G1) are 100% stable on both WLAN and Eth, I have zero streaming issues and use both Tidal and Qobuz.

Both of my streamers are atm on FW 6.0.beta2 but work just as well with that as with the release version 5.7.

All of this does not mean your unit is working as expected, but don’t claim “everyone” is having issues…


I wasn’t talking about LAN, but I am able to show that the Aries streamer does not buffer the entire song for playback. And if you look at other forums, including this one, there are many reported WiFi issues. These could be resolved with buffering.

I have more than enough bandwidth to stream files from Tidal. The G1 is the only streamer I have that drops, period.

I like the device, I want to love it. I just wasn’t expecting something that was buggy and needs work, with no real response from Auralic that they will look into it.


There was a design flaw with intel wifi card with original aries. I suppose that the other forum and post mostly talk about this.

For your issue, i do not know if the tidal api implementation is the same between the g1 and other products. Third party integration doesn’t work like native tidal solution for the most part.


Just for information, i listen Tidal, with wireless on my Aries G2, yesterday during 2h non stop without any issue. CD quality or MQA, i’m using hifi quality at a minimum level, no mp3 quality, so the maximum bandwith with Tidal.