Aries G1/G2 screen burn?


I keep my G1 display always on because the timeout is way too short. I keep it at level 1, but I would prefer it on 2-3. My concern is screen burn in. Can this happen on this type of screen, and does it help to reduce it if I keep it on Level1?


The screen is TFT LCD rather than OLED so it should not have a burn problem. However the backlight may have a defined lifespan (normal LED backlight should have 30,000 hours) so I do recommend to at least turn off the display when you do not use the machine.


Would it lengthen the lifespan of the back light if I used it on Level1, the lowest intensity?


It will be much longer I believe. The reason LED has a defined lifespan is the heat, using lower intensity will reduce the heat created by the bulb and improve the lifespan.