Aries G1 dropouts with EQ on?

Dear Xuanqian,

Great to see this forum here. I bought an Aries G1 a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it lot. But I have found I get dropouts of a few seconds on the internet radio and also when I play tracks through the SDD that I have attached. With the SDD sometimes it goes back to the start of the track whilst somewhere in the middle of playing. After some troublesheeting I think it happens when I have the EQ turned on (two bands enabled). When I turn the EQ off then it does not seem to happen. It happens quite a lot with the EQ on, to the point that it is not really usable.

I also get quite a few aborts of the LS lightning app on iOS. Again, I get the feeling it happens more often with the EQ function turned on? It almost seems the G1 does a periodic check (you can see a sort of refresh happening on the Web interface) which may coincide with the dropouts? Just a suggestion, this is hard to tell just from observation.

I am hoping you can reproduce this and maybe a firmware update in the future may address this issue, or is there some setting you might suggest I could change to mitigate this problem? I like to use the EQ with my Sennheiser HD800 headphones to slightly bumb up the low end and decrease a bit around 6KHz. It sounds pretty good when it plays but the dropouts and resets to the beginning are killing it for me.

BTW I am using a Hegel HD30 DAC and a AudioQuest Diamond USB cable, so that should be up to scratch.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

Hi, how many EQ bands have you added to the setup?

2 bands at 50hz and 6khz


We did some test in the past week and the function seems really OK (up to 16 bands). I am wondering if any other thing that may have affected the performance, like if you have activated upsampling?

Hi Xuanqian,

Thanks for your efforts. I had PCM Auto detect on but nothing should have triggered any resampling as my DAC supports many sample rates and I had nothing unusual playing. But the strange thing is right now the EQ seems to be working perfectly here as well, with or without PCM Auto detect on. Whereas when I reported the issue it was occuring all the time, also after rebooting a few times. Strange. These are always the hardest issues. The only thing that is really different then, is when it happened the unit had been playing for many hours on end. Whereas now it is still cold as I just started it. I will monitor it and if it occurs again I will see if I can figure out the circumstances when it occurs and report back.

Kid regards