Aries G1 dropouts with EQ on?

Dear Xuanqian,

Great to see this forum here. I bought an Aries G1 a few weeks ago and have been enjoying it lot. But I have found I get dropouts of a few seconds on the internet radio and also when I play tracks through the SDD that I have attached. With the SDD sometimes it goes back to the start of the track whilst somewhere in the middle of playing. After some troublesheeting I think it happens when I have the EQ turned on (two bands enabled). When I turn the EQ off then it does not seem to happen. It happens quite a lot with the EQ on, to the point that it is not really usable.

I also get quite a few aborts of the LS lightning app on iOS. Again, I get the feeling it happens more often with the EQ function turned on? It almost seems the G1 does a periodic check (you can see a sort of refresh happening on the Web interface) which may coincide with the dropouts? Just a suggestion, this is hard to tell just from observation.

I am hoping you can reproduce this and maybe a firmware update in the future may address this issue, or is there some setting you might suggest I could change to mitigate this problem? I like to use the EQ with my Sennheiser HD800 headphones to slightly bumb up the low end and decrease a bit around 6KHz. It sounds pretty good when it plays but the dropouts and resets to the beginning are killing it for me.

BTW I am using a Hegel HD30 DAC and a AudioQuest Diamond USB cable, so that should be up to scratch.

Many thanks for any suggestions!

Hi, how many EQ bands have you added to the setup?