Aries G1 DAC recommendation

Good for you. I think I already know what will be in your system.
Good luck and let us know.
Can you ask them if they’ll ship to The Netherlands when you’re there?

Oh and I keep forgetting.
In my opinion the Toslink connection is the least favorable of the 3 spdif’s
I prefer AES/EBU

One I get a reply I will ask the question for you.

Link to their site below.

Thanks, I already searched their website for an answer to my question.
Keep us posted. Thanks again.

He’s just replied. Yes to Netherlands, £3750 plus any relevant taxes into the Netherlands. He says around 6-8 weeks lead time. I am going over to see him on Saturday have a look before ordering. Payment on ordering via PayPal.

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I purchased a Chord Qutest Dac and changed all of my interconnects including speaker cable, USB and Ethernet cables to Tellurium Q cable. Wow, what a difference to the whole system. I use the Aries G1 also using the Tellurium Q USB cable to the Qutest.

Or Morpheus DAC

I have a similiar question.
I’m using a cyrus dac xp signature with an inbuild dac as pre-amp which does not support usb. I use a aries mini as streamer.
I’m thinking of replacing the mini for a aries g1. But i also could replace the cyrus pre with a altair g1 or g2. But i’m not sure if the altairs are up to the pre amp tasks.

Does anyone has some experience with this

I use a CHORD Qutest DAC with my Aries G1 streamer transport. I use Chord Company USB cable to connect between the two devices. It’s an excellent DAC which in my opinion perfectly partners my Aries G1.
I would get your dealer to loan you a Chord Qutest DAC to see for yourself. My dealer in the UK would do this.