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I have just bought an Aries G1 Transport. I’m currently using it with the internal DAC within my Primare Pre35. The initial results are impressive but I would like to think that the Aries G1 has more to give. With this in mind, I would be grateful for any advise or suggestions what DAC would get the best from my G1. Thank you. Craig.

For a similar price and awfully good quality:

Thank you. I will have a read up on it

Denafrips Venus, Aries or Terminator.

Totaldac d1-core (and superior)

Auralic Vega 1st generation (or G1 or G2)

Oppo HA-1

And the list is very long :slight_smile:

Ask three guys and you‘ll get four answers. :wink: My Aries G1 feeds the internal DACs of my Kii Three loudspeakers via Toslink. The sound is stunning. I‘ll purchase a second Aries G1 as soon as it will become available to feed the Chord Qutest DAC in my HeadFi setting. I tested this combo and it sounds, surprise!, stunning. I‘m sure you’ll find several dozens of stunningly sounding Aries G1/DAC combos. At least!:smile_cat:

Hi Robin,

Thanks for your reply. My Aries G1 is the first streamer transport I’ve owned. It sounds stunning within my system straight out of the box. The problem is I haven’t got a clue how to use the internal settings on the menus to get the best from it. I would really appreciate any advise given to make sure I’m getting every ounce of quality out of it. I use Qobuz Sublime as my music streaming source @ 96khz 24bit.



personally I found out that Toslink sounds best - in both of my settings. Keep in mind: YMMV. Then I found out that upsampling may improve the sound (a bit), although I wouldn‘t have believed in upsampling in the first place. So I configured G1 to upsample everything to 96 kHz respectively 88.2 kHz (which means downsampling in some cases) because 96 kHz is the max. rate Kii Three accepts via Toslink (but I think that even so it still sounds better than double or more the sampling rate via SPDIF or USB). Again YMMV. Qutest accepts 192 kHz via Toslink, so I‘ll adjust the upsampling rates for my second G1 to come accordingly. Also, Kii can handle MQA (->pass through), Qutest can‘t. And, you have to see if and how your DAC can deal with DSD files in case you will use USB (native / DoP) or PCM. Having all this set up you’ll have to play with the filters G1provides. Anyway, you‘ll have a lot of fun or distress to test your possibilities. Finally, it would have been easier to give the correct answer had you asked for the meaning of life, the universe, and everything :upside_down_face:

Enjoy the music

Try the Brooklyn Dac and Dac+. Pretty darn good for the price. Both have full MQA decoding if your into that. MQA sounds a little bright to me.

Thank you. I will hopefully have fun and let you know how I get on.



Your future DAC will certainly be listed here

Then what to do with DAC’s that measure very bad but sound excellent?

Hi Craig and welcome.
I am assuming you have the Prisma Pre35 in saying that the AKM DAC is very good. As you are streaming from Qobuz only at the moment I would suggest the default Auralic settings to start with and see if you prefer any particular DAC connection. You really should be getting a quality experience already! :blush:


+1 with Pietro on this !

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Thank you


I am so pleased with the feedback and support I’ve already received from this forum, thank you to all.

I am using the Primare Pre 35 along with the A35.2 Power Amp. My speakers are PMC Twenty 23’s with a QED Coaxial Reference from the Aries G1 to the Pre 35, then QED Reference XLR’s from pre to power with QED Genesis Silver Spiral speaker cables.

To give me some idea on the quality of the Pre 35’s AKM DAC, what is it comparable with? Also would I benefit from a good quality Optical lead over the Coaxial I’m using at present?

I must say the Aries G1 does sound pretty good as it is, but as a typical Audiophile I’m always looking for that little extra.


Hi Tony,

Not to worry, Wednesday with do fine. That said I have already received confirmation from DPD that they are planning to deliver a parcel to me tomorrow and yours is the only one I’m expecting.

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Last message was for my local hifi dealer

I am using the same cables as you do.
Love them.
Now… In your case I would go for a Denafrips Ares II DAC.
Why? It is relatively cheap, extremely accurate, fast and natural.
The same properties your cables have. (except for the price indeed).
I myself will indulge and swap my Schiit Yggdrasil A2 for a Denafrips Terminator which is the best DAC in production in my opinion. (sorry Vega G2 fans).


I have just been looking at the Denafrips Ares II DAC, unfortunately not available in the UK. It looks like there’s only one supplier worldwide. But it’s on my list.

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Well there’s a thing. I’ve looked again and there is Denafrips UK dealer and they are only 30 miles away from me. So I will pay them a visit.