ARIES G1 coax outputs on in standby

Is there a setting to turn off the coax outputs in standby. My DAC continues to display the last sample rate from the last played song and hence the DAC runs hotter.


No, it is not possible to shut down that part of the circuit. The digital output will keep valid sampling rate but without output any data.

Thank you. For my Chord DAC to still be registering the sample rate mean that there is still an output voltage from the G1? Currently I am turning the G1 completely off.

The digital output will remain at the last sampling rate it works but it will not send out any valid signal, it is called ‘empty frame’. Your DAC seems not able to able to detect input signal by real data stream but rather see if a source is connected or not. That will not really work, you do need to turn off your ARIES G1 in this case.

Thankyou - I’ll continue to switch the G1 completely off. It would have been nice if there was a system option to select on or off for the digital output last sample rate in standby. However it is not a significant issue. Thanks again