Aries G1 Cache - clear?

Hi, is there ever a need to clear the cache in the Aries G1? if so, how would you do that please? can’t find anything in the manual or on the knowledge base. Perhaps that lack of info suggests you don’t need to do it, but does anyone have a definitive answer please?

Can’t answer your first question regarding “need” other than resolving glitches, and I’m a little unclear on what you are trying to achieve or sort out.

But the only two clear or resets I’m aware of (if your device has them) are the “Clear Cache” with regards to the LDS Music Library and the “Erase All User Settings” to put the Device back to Default.

You access them both from LDS “Settings” and the latter is under “Additional Operations” at the bottom of “Hardware Setup”.

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Well I guess my question was based on the idea that as there is a computer involved inside the Aries it will have a cache of some sort, and possibly this could get full or bunged up with needless files. So in pc/Mac computers various caches are often cleared to keep things running smoothly or maintain speed. I wondered if that might also apply to the Aries. Ps thanks for those screenshots!

That’s a valid point and I would think the “Clear cache” in the first screenshot may fulfil that role and that would “tidy up” the iPhone or iPad.

Not sure about the Aries though, may be a “Restart” might do something similar, but that’s just a guess, can’t really add any more I’m afraid.

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No that’s good, it’s useful to discover more and speculate too. Grateful for your suggestions :smile:

The Clear Cache function in LDS is to clear the library on the IOS device, not on the Auralic product itself.

You can sometimes power off/on the Vega/Aries/Altair to restart all the processes cleanly.
But the main differences with a PC is that you can not add stuff or bad updates. The number of processes, how they interact or update can be controlled by Auralic.
Normally, it avoid issues of course, but it still a linux OS with sometimes bugs and issues :slight_smile:


That’s great, many thanks :smile:

The device firmware is running on a ramdisk based structure, everytime you turn the power off (cut off power, rather than use power button in the front). All system data will be erased except for user profit.

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thank you! good to know. P