Aries G1 (and G2) Roon Core


One of my gripes about Roon is that I have to have my desktop computer on all the time to run as a Core.
I’m not interested in adding more hardware. Is there any thought of giving the Aries Roon Core capabilities?



The hardware isn’t powerful enough to run core.



Like @DrTone says, it’s not powerful enough.
I do see you don’t really want more hardware, but have you considered Roon ROCK on a low Power NUC? It’s really a excellent appliance. Draws very little power, makes almost no noise and does not demand any maintenance. And of course provides a powerful Roon Core-function.

If you like to, you can power on/off with the button (or off via the webgui) in a few seconds.



sorry I was sidelined with other things :grinning:

if I were to acquire a Roon Nucleus (or+), could I run that straight into my dac or will I still need to use my G1 as a Roon endpoint? Can anyone comment on the SQ difference between these two scenarios?



For best SQ/sound you should run the Roon Nucleus only as a core with a wired ethernet connection to you router, and from the router wired ethernet, or the best is a strong wi-fi signal to the Aries G1 set up as a RAAT endpoint with the final sound as a digital connection into the dac from the Aries G1.

I will not recommend using the usb digital output on the Nucleus core direct into a dac if you looking for the best SQ.



Or you could run the NUC via ethernet to a switch and from the switch via ethernet directly into a streaming-capable dac like the Vega G1 or G2. The Vega G1 and G2 are capable Roon endpoints.

I currently run my system like this but into an Altair via ethernet. A network Dac to replace the Altair is next on the list, but the system sounds pretty good as is.



Hopefully not too impudent to ask here but are there any streamers / network bridges that can also function as a Roon core device?



You can consider Roon Nucleus as streamer that run Roon Core server.



I’m doing exactly that even though it will mean an extra box.