Aries G-1 iPad Access and Usage


Greetings! New to the discussions.
Recently got my Aries G-1 and am using it with the Schiit Yggdrasil DAC with great results!

My comment is about the G-1’s printed User Guide. I am hopeful that future version of the guide would include some discussions on the Lightning App’s iPad usage with iPad screen shot’s as well.

The guides screen shots of the G-1’s own small screen are useful and facilitated my making system edits. However, I’d like to see instructions to walk anyone with an iPad thru those same system edits.

To begin maybe a short outline on how to navigate Lightning DS via the iPad:

(1) Open Lightning DS
(2) At the bottom of the iPad view go to the system icon (the six sided wheel at the bottom left side of the screen):
(3) Select: Lightning Device,
(4) Select: My Aries,
(5) Select: Additional Operations,
At which point a menu will appear that lets you edit/setup your preferences on your G-1: Library, System, Streamer, etc.

Just my 2 cents.

Again, love my G-1.


Thank you @FrankV!