ARIES Femto reliability problems (Solved!)

Must say I’m a little surprised those experiencing this WiFi card issue are not “pushing” Auralic a little harder, at least to have a replacement part shipped out to them.

Not sure what consumer law is in other parts of the world, but for the UK (and I think the US) if a device has a latent fault (ie. a part that will fail due to design in less than it’s intended lifespan), the standard guaranty doesn’t apply.

Isn’t that the reason why you have “Recalls” or “Service Programs”.

I realise it’s probably not as straight forward as that but couldn’t Auralic pass some of the cost on to the chip provider responsible (if it’s been proven to be a chip fault) or at least get them to provide a newer version “at below cost” for affected customers, even if those customers covered the postage.

It seems a rather strange state of affairs.


I could not agree more. Auralic has their focus on their latest products. The first generation is behind them and is unsupported.

Great instruction MDR!

Thank you!

I totally agree with the point being made about Auralic’s support on this matter and I guess it was the point I was trying to make. To give some context, before I bought the Aries I used a Krell CD player. After owning it for a year or two It started to have trouble reading certain discs. As it got gradually worse I first contacted the dealer/importer and then Krell directly. The problem lay with a faulty Phillips laser mechanism, not Krell’s fault according to them but they offered me no help and little sympathy. Will I ever buy from them again… no!
In contrast when I contacted Auralic the first time this happened I got a prompt reply from Xuanqian explaining the issue and giving me instructions to replace the faulty module. Great! Although I do agree that the cost could have been shared on either his or Intel’s side as the product contained a faulty part. Now that there appears to be a permanent solution it would advisable for Auralic to make sure any of their early Aries adopters are looked after on this matter so they stay loyal customers for years to come.
Oh and thanks again mdr for coming up with the fix, all still working well.

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More than three weeks from the mod and everything is fine. Temperature is around 31°C.
How is it going for everyone who replaced the card? Is the ARIES still working fine?

A question to Xuanqian: having the ARIES running at high temperature (50C instead of 30C, even in standby) for a few years could have damaged something? The processor thermal paste? Something else?

Hi just replaced my faulty WiFi card with the newer compatible on as described above with the adapter. However the antenna connectors before do not fit securely on the new WiFi card. Does anyone know where to get new connectors or maybe even new connectors with wires installed that will fit? Thanks!

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This adapter
Wireless Way M.2(NGFF) to Mini PCIe (mPCIe) adapter for Wifi and Bluetooth cards - Suitable for intel 8260NGW 9260NGW with 802.11ac WiFi & Bluetooth 4.2
has the antenna adapters included.
If you buy a different adapter then you will have to buy the cables separately. I did not find any antenna adapters like the one included. The cables suggested by Mlmowery work fine but you will have to do some soldering.

I could not find the kit you recommended in the US. I can’t even find the right antennas which do not need soldering.

What about these?

They have MHF4 connectors. Just cut them and do a little soldering.

This is on

Wireless Way M.2 (NGFF) to Mini PCIe (mPCIe) Adapter for WiFi And Bluetooth

These connectors don’t fit on the mini card? What am I cutting and soldering? I already ordered this

The connectors you ordered are ok.
You will have to:

  • cut these near the large coax connectors
  • cut the original cables near the mini connectors
  • solder the two cuts
    At this point the two original cables will have the new connectors and you will be able to attach them to the 8260ngw

This is what I did


Hi Marco,

I’ve been running my Aries Femto though Ethernet since I bought it in 2017 because I also have the reliability problems you mentioned. Still unreliable with ethernet though, which is why I want to go through with your wifi card upgrade.

One potential problem: I’m still running firmware version 1.5.6, because the device only updates itself through Wifi, which I haven’t used in two years.

Are the drivers for the 8260NGW Wi-Fi card included in the firmware version?


Hi Vichy,
I don’t know if the driver is included in your firmware version. You should ask this question to Xuanqian. BTW: you could switch to WiFi for a few minutes, upgrade the firmware to 5.8 or 6.2.1 and switch back to ethernet.

Ok the surgery is over and all went well. I am up and running with the new mini WiFi card with adaptor. I did not do any soldering as I just used the antennas that was sent to me. Here are some pics.

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Nice Job!
How does it sound and work? How is the temperature?

Hey mdr
Just wanted to say thanks fir your hard work on this. I bought a second hand femto and loved the sound but had all the reliability issues you mention. I upgraded to a G2, moved the Femto to my second system and its much more stable (though not completely) using ethernet.
I am tempted to do the upgrade as a project or at least buy the bits and pieces so I can do so if it becomes more of a problem but just wondered what the potential risks might be. Ie what are the risks of bricking the device during the job. Difficult question to answer, I know.

Hi Jim.

I would say that the risks are minimum. Upgrade to the latest firmware before the wifi replacement to be sure to have the drivers for the new card. If you are able to find the adapter described in my post no soldering is required. Just unscrew 15 screws, take out the old card, insert the new card in the adapter and the adapter into the slot, plug the extension antenna cables, reassemble everything. No need to reconfigure anything. And you get a reliable ARIES with better sound!

The only way to brick an ARIES should be a sudden loss of power during a firmware upgrade.

Let me know how it goes.



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