Aries Femto Not Starting Properly

My Aries Femto is starting to have problems coming out of sleep mode, it just says its starting but never does unless you reset it by pressing the exit button on the remote and then it starts properly. It will start properly if you try this every few hours but if you leave it in sleep mode overnight and then try the following day it will not start again unless you do the above again.

I have read in other posts that it is the wifi card (Intel 7260HMW) that is in my version of the Aries that is at fault. If I buy a replacement wifi card of the exact same type does anyone know how long it would last before if/when the problem returns.

I cannot understand why once reset it works fine and then if left in standby mode overnight come the following day it won’t start properly - does anyone have any ideas why?

What’s the temperature at the center of the Auralic sign on the top of the Aries? If it is over 40°C you may have the problem described here ARIES Femto reliability problems (Solved!)

Hello Mdr

I have put a thermometer on the Auralic logo at the top of the unit and have left it there for about 15 mins and the temperature in standby is 30-31 centigrade. Would a complete reset do anything do you think?

I have had a look at your other post about using the Intel 8260 card with the adaptor. With the adaptor you get some antenna cables, can these be connected to the existing antenna cables in the Aries without using any soldering as I don’t have a soldering iron. Do they just click together?

Well, if the temperature is 30C you should not have the overheat problem from the faulty Intel WiFi card. BTW, for 40$ you could have a try at changing the WiFi card with INtel 8260NGW. And yes, you can connect the cables without any soldering so you can roll back any time.
A complete reset should take about 30 minutes (reset, reconfigure, library, etc…) so it is wort a try.
Good luck

Hello mdr

I have done a complete reset by pressing the button underneath the unit and it now seems to come out of standby with no problems. Just another question off topic a bit but it relates to lightning server the Aries uses. When it rescans my usb hdd it keeps giving me different figures regarding the number of albums and total number of tracks found. I have used the ‘erase lightning server index’ option for about 5 times and every time it rescans my library of music it gives me different figures. My number of albums is 1207 and total number of tracks is 11598. This is the correct figure but if I try a rescan sometimes it gives figures that are way off what they should be eg 3500 tracks instead of 11598.

Any ideas why this might be and do others have the same problem with their Aries?

Hello pmh.
I never had this problem with the lightning server. Did you try to check and repair the HD logical file structure? Just plug the HD on a windows PC, open an elevated command shell or an elevated PoweShell and type CHKDSK X: /F and follow the instructions (X is the mount letter of the USB disk on your PC).

Hello mdr

I am on Apple Mac and have used the disk utility program to check for errors and none where found. Ever since from new I have always found lightning server to sometimes show innacurate information and sometimes have to do multiple rescans before it gets the right quantity of number of tracks and albums.

As I said before I never had this problem so I don’t have an answer. I would check the file system (as you just did), then I would try a total reset of the ARIES and, as a last chance, I would try a different file system (NTFS, FAT32, …).
I have a NTFS, 4TB HD, with 45.000 files and never had a problem with missing albums or songs in lightning DS if the tags were correct.

I have done a total reset of my Aries and its now starts from standby without problems. As I am using Apple Mac my hdd connected to the Aries is formatted in "Mac OS Extended’. I never thought about whether the actual format of the drive would make any difference to Lightning Server. I cannot do NTFS as that’s Windows which I don’t use.

Thanks for the advice.